Hi there Ladies and Gentlemen.

Coniunctis Viribus is now officially formed on Twisting Nether and we are recruiting as we speak.

We are looking for reliable and dedicated players to clear current content within a reasonable time.
We will also be clearing old content incase people need gear from specific bosses aswell as clearing heroic modes on the earlier tiers in due time.

Positions open:

Two tanks (Preferably a blood DK along with a warrior/druid)

Two healers (Preferably shaman + druid)

Two ranged DPS (Mage + Lock)

Raid days / Times:


Between 19.30 - 23.30 (Gametime)

For any more information, do not hesitate to ask.

You can reach me in-game aswell as on this thread!

There is no requirement on ilvl's to join the guild, as long as your willing to learn and adapt to maximize your full potential as for DPS, Tanking or Healing and similar you will do just fine.

Also as long as you're not equipped with PVP gear you will fit like a glove.

To apply, please visit


We are looking forward hearing from you!