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    [H - Draenor] <Galaxy> New 10 man Semi hardcore Raiding guild!

    Hey there!

    Galaxy was started the 19th march by a bunch of friends who couldn't find a suitable guild on Draenor!. We are building a raiding group from scratch with likeminded players so this proccess might take a week or two before we even can start raiding properly. We are aiming for a stable and competitive guild with players who enjoy progress raiding just as much as we do, but also enjoy to have a laugh when not having to focus on our raids!.

    The recruitment is open for any exceptional player as long as he can show it by having logs, previous experience etc!.

    But for now we are in high desperate of:
    • 1 DPS [Elemental shaman or Warrior]
    • 1 Healer [Paladin, Shaman or Druid]

    Throne of Thunder 8/12 NM

    About us
    Galaxy got founded recently by Matarack on Draenor after leaving a failed attempt to create a 25 man raiding guild with old friends. As 25 man was to frustrating and to actually find 25 good players was a really difficult task. We decided to start from scratch and find us a new roster of 10 players to start progressing through this new content as soon as possible instead!. The leaderboard has been raiding with each other for some time now and know that we are all aiming for the same goals!. Other then that there isn't much more to say as the guild is quite new!.

    Raiding Schedule:
    • Monday 20.00-23.30
    • Tuesday 20.00-23.30 (Optional, as if in we need to push progress or close to a kill!)
    • Wednesday 20.00-23.30
    • Thursday 20.00-23.30
    • Sunday 20.00-23.30

    What we expect from you
    • We expect our trials to have atleast 90% attendence since we will only be raiding 3-4 nights a week! specially during progress.
    • Come prepared!. Both consumable and Tact wise as if your not, it wont be tolerated!. And if it keeps happening you probably wont last long in this guild.
    • Have a nice attitude against everyone!. Sure, trolling is fun once in a while but been rude or just having a bad attitude towards each other wont be tolerated either as it will bring down the guilds atmoshpere!.
    • Have a working microphone and a stable internet connection!.

    What you can expect from us

    • A stable and a friendly guild who plans to stay for a long time!.
    • A spot in our coreteam if you show you're dedicated and are reliable!.
    • Repairs on the guild!.
    • A friendly & relaxed atmoshpere outside of raiding times. But that knows when to focus and be serious!
    • A guild who aims high!.

    How to apply
    You go to Galaxy-Eu.enjin.com and make an apply or we can discuss a trial in-game. If you still got any questions about the guild you can simply just add me on B-tag and i'll be happy to answer them!

    My B-tag: ComeAtMeBro#2840

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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    Got a few players, But still recruiting the classes/Roles that are on the main post!

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    Main post updated! Just need Healers + DPS!

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    Got a few spots open yet! don't hesitate to add me on B-tag!

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    Bump! Recruiting a few more classes now! Don't hesitate to contact us!

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    Bump! once again opening the recruitment for a healer!

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    Still recruiting! offerting a corespot of the player shows dedicated and reliable!

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