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    I voted for 25 man since I like the larger size due to feeling more like a raid instead of a dungeon with longer fights. If they were to compromise and make a single raid size I would prefer 20man. IMO 15 would not be large enough to feel like a raid while 20 would be only a little noticeable drop from 25. It would also probably be easier for guilds to conform to a 20man roster since 10 man guilds can merge and 25 man guilds can let go of their 3-4 low performing members. In 15s a 10 man would have to recruit 50% more people from split up guilds and 25s would have to almost split in 2, it would be very disrupting.

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    25+ for me. Issues getting the raid to fill aside I like the feel of large groups, makes it feel like we're really accomplishing something fighting something that takes a force to overpower and not just a mix match roll over. It adds to my immersion.
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    I was reading through this thread and this post quoting traen's opinion came to my attention.

    Quote Originally Posted by stuck4cash View Post
    Better yet, force heroic mode to be 25 people only. This would solve so many issues.

    Normal mode (no one cares so an ideal amount of people would be less of a problem. Optimise it for 10/25 and scale everything based on that (so if you have 11, either your dps work slightly harder and you make the extra person a healer etc) and once you get past a threshold (18?) it scales up to 25 so you bring an extra tank.

    Basically 7 is min. So 7-17 scales to 10 18-33 scales to 25 (and maybe a 33-40 scale which scales up to 40). All scaling is done to damage output and health (ie, healers and dps outside of those changes).

    Would it work though? I doubt it but sounds cool in theory.
    Basically although it sound okish to say, "let normals follow the dynamic raid path", in thruth it is not oki.
    It assumes that those raiding normal only, or normal only for quite a while before being ready to actually do heroic content, are there basically for nothing else than loot pinnata, pretty much like LFR's majority of people.

    That ofc is wrong, and giving so little thought into something just because it does not involve you, is wrong as well.
    Oki guys, you re too good to be true and all, but really, for certain people, some normal mode end bosses, Elegon and Garalon comes in mind from this tier might have taken to their groups 50-100 wipes to clear in normal.
    In my opinion, many of them, me included, had a blast trying them, elegon in particular.
    Why excactly should we turn that into an unbalanced circus? Because you cleared it week one it was available and moved on to heroics?
    No, ty for thinking about our convenience but please stop thinking about it.

    As for the size...
    It seems that when only the two sizes are into play, 10 and 25 that is, community is divided, pretty much split into a very close to 50-50 debate.
    When the question becomes more broad, icluding other potential options, people supporting both 10 or 25 become a minority and 15 becomes the size of choice for so many.

    We don't want anymore of the same, just something fresh and different.
    Just saying...
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    It's been such a long time since size mattered...

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    Consider "planes of power" was my last and favorite EQ experience : 70.

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