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    Blow 1 shot macro, then what?

    In PvP i play feral and i have use the 1 shot macro which procs, Beserk, Natures vigil, incarnation, tigers fury, trinket,lifebloom.

    I pop it kill my target ( usually a FC or Defender ) and set on next but when the proc's wear off im left with 2mins+ of shity damage, just wondering what people are doing until it becomes available again. I just try stay near a healer and DoT up CC ppl, not worth trying to burn down a healer or FC with no cd's avail.

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    Depends on where I'm playing and what I'm doing.
    Ideally, you also use Tiger's Fury right before that for an added 15% damage.

    After that, I play into burst windows, stacking bleeds and combo points on the kill target and CCing other players until TF is up to try to get some burst out to pressure them. Aside from that, I try to control the fights more for my team. Through bearcharge, bash, maims, cyclones, typhoon(I like it for peeling off my healers/fcs over swarm), feral becomes a great support.

    Generally I annoy the enemy team enough for them to focus me and then I go defensive and they're wasting time.
    As soon as my cds are back up though, back to the slayer roll.
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