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    Question Guild Drama, Help!

    Let me start by explaining the situation.
    At the start of MoP we started a guild with a group of 8 RL friends with a couple of goals. We wanted to raid with friends and we wanted "good" progression.
    So far we are 5/6 hc msv and 1/6 hc HoF to give you an idea.

    The problem now is that our guildleader (one of those 8) turned into a total douchebag. His new mentality is "my way or no loot", or "you fuck up this mechanic, no loot" or "my tactic is best tactic, dont talk back" etc. you get the idea. Some people accept it, some don't care, but me and one other person are getting pretty damn frustrated. It's not that i care about the loot (I honestly don't, loot is fun but it's not why i raid) but it's the fact that I am totally fed up with this guy.

    The problem now is that I really like raiding with everyone in the guild apart from our guildleader. Now there are 2 options as far as i can see:
    - Me and that one person leave the guild and join another guild. (Don't like this because i would have to leave the people i still like to raid with behind)
    - I stay in the guild and somehow try to change the situation. (Honestly don't know what to do here)

    I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone could give me.

    P.S. English is not my native language, please dont be mad about grammar, also I didn't know in which section to post this feel free to move it.

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    Considering you have already said that 7 of the 10 raiders "don't care," the only option you really have is try to find a new guild with a leader whose attitude is closer to what you are looking for.

    I mean, there is no harm in approaching your guild leader to let him know you are unhappy. But, you can't force him to change the way he leads.

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    Convince the others to leave with you if he doesn't change whatever he's doing(you said they don't care so maybe you've already talked to them about it?). Or you could just call him on it, and if it goes bad you just leave and take whoever with you.

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    you never mentioned how close you are in rl? if my gm started acting like this id slap him in RL and tell him to stop bein a prick. Is a RL talking to an option and how open do you think hed be to this?

    If hes not gonna change your only option is to try and live with it or leave. We had a GM in TBC who decided it was his way or the high way. Two of our best tanks and a healer left to go to another guild. By the end of the week 3/4 of the raid team had left to join the new guild and douche was left with the dregs and the kissasses.

    The way hes going though it wont be long before more people get pissed off. All its gonna take is for him to get a strategy wrong and refuse to adapt and he will rub more people the wrong way.
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    If you are all real life friends sit down and talk about it out of game, do not let a game between you and your friends.

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    Having a guild made of RL friends gets sticky when you want to leave. I think there is more to this story than what you are telling us and that gap probably has something to do with your own misbehavior that is being conveniently left out of the story. Its easier to overlook ones own misbehavior but if someone else acts up, WATCH THE F OUT MAN!!!!

    The only suggestion I can give you is to try and discuss it in RL and if it does not work out (and I dont mean work out in your favor) then go find a guild more inclined to the behavior that you seek.

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    We were a group of friends back in highschool 2 years ago. We barely see eachother IRL. Me and the GM aren't that close at all, more like friends of friends. I approached him before and he thinks whatever goes wrong is never his fault and whatever "punishment" he thinks up is fair. I think I'm just going to leave and play the game in a way i find more fun. Thanks a lot for the replies.

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    At the end of the day he is the raid leader until he has no raid to lead. If you do not like the fact that he is using gear as a tool to enforce player attention to detail then pull him asside suggest another route and if that does not work then move on. As a group pushing heroic content there can be little tolerance for repetative mechanic failure. Denial of loot is a tool, so is denial of raid spot.
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    Pretty simple. If you are not having fun:

    1) Try to get the guild to change so you do have fun.
    2) If not, then leave guild and find one that will allow you to have fun.

    Nothing is worth doing in WoW if you don't find it fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imbamoeite View Post
    more like friends of friends.
    these can be the biggest problems in guilds. you want to cut them some slack because you dont want to alienate your friends, but sometimes these 'otherwise random' players are just too disruptive to ignore.

    there's no reason for a guildleader to also be the only raidleader in a serious raiding guild. there's also no reason to be dicking around with loot in a 10man.

    although it sounds a bit dramatic, i'd make a list of your top 2 or 3 grievances, and how you think they should be fixed. (ie... "You're stressing me out in the raid, perhaps we need a different person for raidlead ?")

    If he ignores your concerns, pick a good time (NOT at the start of a raid) to 'go dramaqueen' and inform the guild why you're leaving on guildchat. I generally don't advise to stir up drama, but these are reallife acquaintances of yours, and they deserve to know why you're leaving, as it may impact their responses, and lead to "Hey, such and such is stepping down as guildleader, blahblahblah, wanna come back ?"

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