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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeydivision82 View Post
    But I was just thinking about how Blizzard makes thus content, and it's never really seen again after the expansion, and some eventually become harder to find groups for.

    So all the raids no longer irrelevant, instead of redoing them and adding new gear like some have suggested, what about a scaled version in CoT to explain why they're around again?
    When some time passes, raids become soloable or 2-3 mannable. You don't need full group to clear old raids. Adding scaled version in CoT will require unnecessary work and:
    1. If it will drop only cosmetic thingr - people won't run it.
    2. If it will drop non-cosmetic gear - people will feel forced to run through these raids again.

    Just find some friends. Everything up to t14 (excluding ofc) can be done in group of up to 3-men (except maybe couple bosses). I don't see problems with raids becoming obsolete and under-mannable as they serve as milestones in constant progress.

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    You can probably just scale for anything created in Cataclysm, things prior to that were balanced differently though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripponesan View Post
    What the heck? I am very happy i have not to set my feet in all the older raids.

    Stop giving blizzard the impression that we like our old raids revamped, just to cry "Blizzard lazy bastard just reuising old stuff" when they did it.
    Someone didnt read the entire OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxilian View Post
    I actually think that's a good idea, that will also help new players to be able to see and experience old content and will help some people remenber some good old times (I'm not saying that now is bad)

    The problem is that players can't go back and experience the old content, they can only see it. Too many changes to game systems and balancing have occurred to make the content feel the same and thus be experienced again. You can't get back the feeling of only having mages to effectively aoe down large packs. You can't bring back combat daggers. You can't bring back the days where 600 dps as a level 60 was actually impressive and where rocking 2K hp as anything other than a tank required some amazing gear.

    A full raid of geared 70s with the current system is leap years ahead of where a group working Illidan was when it was current. 3K dps was for Sunwell gods with chained heroism. Needing a warrior tank for shear? Nope, that's gone. Hell, a full 70 geared raid could probably do enough dps now to skip the most challenging/annoying phase of the Illidan fight where you needed a warlock tank . . . . oh yeah, locks can't really tank anymore because they can't hold aggro.

    Scaling old content would simply do the same thing LFR does - it would let people beat up on target dummies with various graphics skins and pretend that they're raiding. And that would destroy old memories rather than help people remember the good old times. That goes without even mentioning that a large part of what made old raids great is the memories of who you were raiding with. LFR mechanics offer none of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeydivision82 View Post
    Some people are very find of the old content, even to this day. There are literally millions of people who never saw the content as "current" and it would be a good chance to see how the game was back in the day.

    I'm not saying to stop new content, or slow it down for this, or to even revamp this content, all I'm saying is to tweak some numbers, and utilize content that was created, and still exists, so it doesn't sit there and rot away.

    I find the amount of rehashing to be pretty silly, but that's not what this is about, it's about leaving the content as is, with the exception of numbers, and don't make it a part f any type of progression aside from pure cosmetic.
    If that many people want it you are welcome to create a guild that caps its levels and runs raids at the levels they were current for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    If that many people want it you are welcome to create a guild that caps its levels and runs raids at the levels they were current for.
    Can't you xrealm the old raids? Don't even need to depend of people from your server, just make an openraid group of xp capped people from the entire region.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    I'd be neat to experience some of the old fights with adjusted difficulty levels again, but I doubt it'd be something that lasts. Anything in vanilla are usually less complicated than todays 5-man bosses. And after a few runs the glasses would come off fairly quickly.

    I've had alot of discussion with people I raid without how it was back in vanilla, and it usually ends with, "But you just cast frostbolt for 6-8 minutes, and maybe move?"
    Was more about the raid as a whole back then I guess..

    Nor do I know if challenge modes will do it any justice, it's just going to be "run X setup, with a few healers as possible".
    And if you need to rework alot of the fights, I'd rather have them work on completely new stuff.

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    I do things with them now though. I run every older raid from MC up to ICC every week solo on my DK :P It would be more fun to have a group to run with and try and get some of the achievements from the newer ones, especially from Cata stuff. But as is, I'm thankful they made the changes they did make in 5.1
    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    There's nothing for casuals to do, beyond pretend they are raiders in LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeydivision82 View Post
    Because I know I'm not the only person that finds solo content to be boring, and would much rather do any content that involves a group.

    On my Paladin, there have been very few things I could not solo, but after a while, I always found it so boring. I would make it half way through MC, and just zone out because it wasn't the same.

    On my Shaman, me and 3 other friends cleared every Vanilla and BC raid, and Naxx25 in a night, and we had a great time.

    Now, I only solo bosses that have a specific item, otherwise I skip everything I can.

    If I was given the chance to run any raid I wanted for replica items, or even a recolor of a tier set, I would do it in a second.

    I also think that people are still missing the original point, this isn't about rehashing content, and calling it new content, this is about bringing back what made this game what it is today, whether or not people want to admit it, it was Vanilla and BC raiding that kept this game so popular, and in top of that, the great raids after those expansions such as Ulduar, and ICC.

    So again, if there was a way to throw it in CoT, it could be like going back and reliving memories of the past, and that could explain why there is a level 90 Version of the Lich King, or even Nefarion.

    CoT was such an amazing concept, knowing we can go back in time and relive events from Azeroths history, so why not fully utilize that, along with old raid content, and relive raids that we not as just characters, but as actual players got to witness.

    I know it won't be exactly the same as back then, but it would be awesome to even sit in BWL or BT again from time to time with level appropriate mechanics, and attempting to take down a boss again.
    And I enjoy soloing old raids more than doing them in a group because I actually have time to sit around and appreciate the raid at my own pace.

    Nostalgia, as I have said before, is bad. Very, very, very bad bad bad! Stop living in the past ALL the time and look to the future. The old content is still there, at the same level it has always been. Removing ZA and ZG as raids and rehashing them as 5mans was the WORST thing Blizzard has EVER done to old raid content.

    Sure, we played ZA and ZG tons more when they were cataclysm content for a whole year or so. Now? They aren't raids. People don't run them. I run most of the old raids ever week for fun, but I will never run those 5mans again because they lost their flavor when they got rehashed. Stop asking for Blizzard to ruin even more older, classic content. Just LET. IT. BE.

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    I like going to old raids to either solo or very-small-group the content, just for fun. Four-manning ICC-25-heroic at the end of Cata was a ton of fun; soloing Naxx on an alt that just hit 90 to try for the battle pets is great sport (especially remembering the "good old days" of progressing through it).

    I see tons of people looking for old content raids (usually for xmog; occasionally for mounts/gear) in trade chat on those few occasions I read trade chat. Ashes, of course... but Ulduar, BT, and ICC are quite frequent. (Recently I've seen a whole bunch of FL, too. Not sure if that's for the legendary, xmog, or what.)

    I guess I don't know that it needs to be changed at all: if people want to run "old content," they can - either on their own or with a group.

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