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    LF Weak Auras "Glyph of Mind Spike" String.

    Not sure if i should post my request in the Priest or the Interface Forum but anyway I'm Looking for a Weak Auras "Glyph of Mind Spike" String.

    Thank's in Advantage

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    dCd8baGEkq7sk1RrrZfeZgQBkvUnkStrzVKDJy)sr)esnmPQFJ0qbPAWsHHdjhevL(MOYXuHJJQQwiQQ8yqTykulxs pKc4PkldKYZfzIOQyQsmzv10fUiQsUkQsDzGRtvTrkOdtLndX2rvyCGKttPpRk(UQ02ujtdvgTk14rv0jPOBjLCnQY 5fv9mu6Cui)vfTourZQzscqfXbdGyctjjidfaJp3T7tFphtFmwlPD0MRDU250yO91(QOHqjXSgeOmO1RXt0iijqidB 5D5bfluhExSqDzKh7LqAX5PLhncsceYqUCSCEESS9CSxgXYEjKwCEAvWJLsk5rb0SWuIwkCWmtgGscNLWaqcn08Umt (WlnNFqLXA2Vw3Qa(7dsH2R9h3kJRxlfoyMjOtTKqJFOlf0DAiusOX3Q1HB2iZvR0xnIpJs1(8aQjLDOHPUVkAvkgO IgdFCyvrHcfA3a7ZDOmUETVnHc7YBctjAMKaurCWaiMWuscYqbW4ZD7(03ZX0hJ1GPu8N(sKXAr1(8aQQOrCmajvu2 HwNL8B2OdGdfkuO5urRZs(nB0bWHMjjavehmaIjmLKGmuam(C3Up99Cm9XyfA8qzhC99kKa

    hope it helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabibi64 View Post
    hope it helps
    Thank's for your Help. Just tried to import your String but all i got was a Error Message.

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    Thats odd, are you using the most up to date WA version?

    Also this aura is extremely easy to make, a simply Icon selection with Buff-Aura= Mind Melt, with %s to show stacks, everything else is visual. I honestly suggest you learn the basics and eventually youll be able to make an entire UI from just auras

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    You have to put your exports into [.code] [./code] (without the dots ofc).
    If you dont, the forum will format it and create spaces where they shouldnt be in your export.

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