Mass Exodus is a level 25 guild seeking a 2 Officers, an additional Raider Leader and some supplemental Raiders.

We seek a mature, adult personalities that are able to raid with us on Thursday and Saturday and Sunday at 630pm server. We ask that players have a good attitude, and expect a progressive casual atmosphere and a fair loot system. We will supply everyone with flasks and feasts will be taken care of. Feel free to find Moridinn/Cadsuan/Rahvan/Damandred, or Gelu; or Ardduc. You can also visit our website to apply it can be found at wowstead search mass exodus

We are openly seeking members with ambition to Lead and Raid and help grow our guild to stronger progression with the hopes to opening availability to some of our members that are unable to attend the main raids.

Please have a minimum ilevel, proper enchants, gems and glyphs appropriate to the raiding level. Each person interested in applying will be evaluated.
We require to have at least deadly boss mods or bigwigs for raiding addons and it is expected people keep them up to date.

Our current raiding needs are:
Members to fill our Core Raids; raiding on Thursday and Saturday and Sunday 6:30PM- 9:30 Server
1 Tank For Thursday Group and relief for Sundays.
1 Healer for each night, and 1 relief healer that can dps and heal.
and a Few DPS for all night (mostly needed to help rotate for when we have real life steal our current raiders.)

All other classes are welcome to apply, and if you feel you are exceptional and can offer great value to the guild in other ways, we will consider others.