1v1 I do pretty well versus the occasional rape from a hunter, druid or warrior. World pvp, wintergrasp, tb, stormwind ganking all pretty high on my things to do while in game. I know how to use my abilities, and most importantly how to stick to a target. Also in no where here am i saying rogue is underpowered...so don't put words in my mouth.

A slightly lesser geared rogue and myself were roaming around the alliance pvp vendors killing random folks. While we were both stealthed this 2200 arena hunter shows up and lands next to us and pops a flare. Now I've been around long enough to know when I'm being baited... but I really don't care about dying in a video game, so the plan was to rocket boot through the flare and get a cheapshot off to start my rotation. I did so, and as soon as I got it off his pet was attacking me. I popped evasion to lessen the damage from the pet. Then my buddy came in with a few ambushes on the hunter and I showed him a 5 point kidney. At this point the pet had been on me for max of 5 seconds. Pet HIT me for a 38k claw, crit me for a 80k kill command, and a 50k non crit blink strike, all while the hunter was stunned. About halfway through the 5 point kidney the hunter used bestial wrath, I immediately disarmed him. He then cast stampede and intimidation. I looked down and my health was at around 25 percent so I trinketed and vanished. My lesser geared buddy then got raped to half hp in a matter of seconds with evasion and feint popped. I re-opened on the hunter to allow my buddy to close the gap. I was then kill commanded for 90k and killed. The hunter healed to full with exhilaration and my friend vanished with a sliver of life left.

I'm not one to give up, but maybe i should have. We tried a few more times on this hunter... and got raped over... and over again.
I then came to a realization.... The pet was doing ALL the damage... or at least 90 percent of it. The hunter was only playing hard to get. Hopefully the hunter didn't have heart of the pheonix talented for his pet.

Fully healed, fresh poisons, both with the crystal of insanity buff, we found our target. sapped him cheapshotted and wtf raped his pet with all cd's. We then gloaded around the hunter jumping up and down auto attacking as the hunter frantically tried rezzing his pet. "NO HEART OF THE PHEONIX BRO?" Anyway, I'm not bragging by a long shot, it was an embarrassing night to say the least. The main reason I'm posting this, is that Solo, I would have zero chance of killing this hunter, or his pet. And my gear isn't that bad at all. Sure his is the best in game... but shouldn't I at least have a shot to get him to half hp? When I lock him down from doing any thing at all for the first 15 seconds of the fight and his pet alone gets me to half WITH MY DEFENSIVE CD's up? Isn't something wrong with that?

Meanwhile we have backpedaling hunters reaching 2k in arena.