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    RaF - Can and Can't?

    Hello guys!

    I have now tried to look for a proper answer, but maybe I'm just really tired or perhaps blind, because I could not find a question nor answer for my question.

    So, I've read the RaF FAQ from Blizzard - Quite empty for proper details imo, and Google directed me here.

    Some of the threads I've found here states how the RaF Level Grant works, and that sure made a clear point out of how it works, although earlier when playing with my RaF-buddy we could not grant my char levels.


    Me and my RaF-buddy made two new chars and started leveling. We have always been the same level and always been together while questing and doing dungeons. When we first created our chars that we would level to 80 first, we also created two others.

    Just FYI: We asked one of our friends who are now using RaF and he said we had to be level 10 to start granting levels?

    The first two chars we made got to level 42. Next we level'ed our other two chars to level 10. I granted my friend levels from my "main" to his level 10 - But he could not grant me any levels from his "main" to my level 10.

    Do you guys know what went wrong, or how to solve this little issue?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

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    It only goes one way, only the recruitee can grant to recruiter
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    Aha! Thanks for the reply.
    Explains a lot

    Happy new year!

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