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    great warlock forum! ^.^

    i'll just wanted to thank all those that have helped me here at the forum. my questions have been noobish and i dont spell so good.still peapole have helped and so i wanted to say thanks

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    I won't presume to speak for everybody, but I'm pretty sure that those that posted to answer your questions, or wrote the guides that may have helped you were only too glad to do so. Most of us will remember that we too once had noobish questions we needed answering. To be honest though, I don't think there'll be many people that will post here to take credit for helping you.

    On the whole we're very lucky with not only the amount, but the quality of warlocks that visit this forum board, btw. When I compare the threads and discussion here to other sites (even the official forums!) I know we have a really good thing going, and should do what we can to keep the quality in tact. I hope you can one day help other warlocks with questions, when you know enough about the class to answer them, and keep the flow of helpful information on this forum going.

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    Without MMO-Champ I wouldn't know half as much about my class as I do now, re-rolled warlock on Pandaria release and all of the information gathered from beta was here. There will always be an elitist here and there with snarky remarks but as xskarma said we all started somewhere and with the warlock class being somewhat of a harder learning curve takes a bit of time and learning to get it figured out.

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