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    Pet Collecting and CRZ

    I can't seem to find anything conclusive on this. I'm a collector of rare pets. Sometimes, I use my friends servers to check if they have any spawns up when there don't appear to be any decent spawns on my server. To do this, I would ask them to invite me to a party and it would generally cause my screen to go blank (devoid of npcs) for a moment, then set up my new environment. Now, I just realized that the higher level person is taken into account, which explains why this was working more often prior to my hitting 90. What I'm interested in is whether the location of the friend matters as well. As we all know by now, SW and Pandaria are exempt from passive CRZ, with SW being exempt from all CRZ. If my friend is in either location, will I still be ported? I've noticed some friends in Pandaria have not been able to successfully port me, but that's (hopefully) just because I didn't realize their level was taken into consideration. Thoughts? Thanks in advance! ^-^

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    Their location doesn't matter. If they are on the same CRZ "battlegroup" as you for that zone, it won't change anything. In order to manually CRZ phase, the person inviting you has to be same level or higher.
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