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    80-90 power leveling

    Hey guys
    Are there still any xp exploits working? Are there any spots for leveling fast?
    Thanks a lot Tayde

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    almost all got nerfed check ownedcore but I doubt theres still a really efficient way left ;(
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    And even if there were xp exploits still working, we are not allowed to discuss them.

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    I presume what he's looking for is not so much an exploit but a fast way to power level alts.

    Killing the Enraged Mushans still provide a good amount of xp. If you're using guild +exp banners and have a group of 4 90s and 1 85, you can get the 85 to 90 in about 3-4 hours.

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    the mobs at the verdant stand until 85 then group farm the mobs around the sha and that's about the best way right now

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    Currently looking for more to do the sha angered mob farm [A] EU!

    Send pm ^^

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