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    Heroic Will raid comp / setup

    Hi were doing H Will 10m this week. Any feedback on what raid comp I should use + what role I should assign everyone would be very helpful particularly in regard to add / spark assignments! Thanks for your help

    Tanks: Protadin / Blood DK

    Healers: Holy Paladin / Resto Shaman (Ele or Enhance OS) / Disc Priest (Shadow OS) "Which of those 2 healers should do what since its a 2 heal fight?"

    DPS: Frost DK (Blood OS) Mage Boomkin Rogue Warlock

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    You literally have the best comp for this fight. Have your frost dk go blood and tank the strength adds near where the rages spawn. Having gore fiends helps control the rages too. The dks only job is to tank the strengths and soak the spark of the strength. Have your shaman go ele. The dps kill adds as they spawn making sure the two rages are kept together and killed at the same time. Use stuns/snares and knock backs to make this happen. Your rogue can soak every spark, two at a time, that come from the rages.

    Your Mage can handle soaking the courage adds which will be going towards your blood dk in the back away from the tanks holding the bosses. Make sure your warlock puts up exhaustion before the courage add gets his shield up.

    There is very little movement involved as you have a lot of ranged who should be stacked in the middle the entire fight. Have your multi dotterel dot the bosses throughout the whole fight.

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    Protadins are terrible for this fight. They take a lot of damage, but that shouldn't be much of an issue. Just get your spark rotation sorted and you'll be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kunta View Post
    You literally have the best comp for this fight. Have your frost dk go blood and tank the strength adds near where the rages spawn.
    It is not necessary since rogues can soak nearly everything. Im tanking the strength adds as frost dk and the rogue soaks the spark.
    We use Holy Pala and Resto Shaman for this fight and our disc priest is playing shadow (who can also soak sparks)
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    The dk goes blood not for sparks, but so the courages target him, the courage's read him as a tank. It makes for a lot less movement, and a lot less clusterfu*k of a fight. They just target the DK and run easily so the dps don't have to move a whole lot to kill it. Like i said in my originial post, the rogue soaks all the rage's sparks.

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    Hunters are very strong to soak every other wave of spark with 1 min cd on deterrence.

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    Your questions have all been asked and answered on this forum. You will find everything you need in there.

    Here are the topics:










    Your Blood DK will need almost no heal. Have described it in length what to do as Blood DK in one of the threads above. Your Paladin will heal himself quite well too. Focus your Healing on like 80% Group and 15% Paladin. 5% for DK should be fine. Heal with Resto and Pala. Resto on the Group (healing rain really shines here) and pala on your tanks + raid.

    Dont CC, kill all rages.

    Disc goes Shadow. Frost Dk goes Blood to tank the Strength in DPS Gear and direct the spawning courages to him.

    Rogue and Shadow take the rages. Rogue with feint for the phases he doesnt have cloak. cloak + preparation for most. Shadow with dispersion the other rages. Boomkin takes symbioses cloak from the rogue to help out or take part in the rotation (rogue/shadow/boomkin repeat)

    Mage/Warlock do the courage sparks. can alternate when cooldowns are ready or just have your mage or warlock do them all. doesnt matter.

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