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Yes but those 6 people didn't got dupes of items they already got. I'm heroic-mode raider, with 496 average ilvl, and still sporting blue weapon, unable to use any of those sweet quest rewards, thus having hard time keeping up with other guildies who ALL have sha weapns by now. Why? No epic ranged weapon dropped for me so far, no will bow nor leishi gun. LFR system, normal/heroic mode drops + coin rolls - no success. That's a freaking WEAPON, not some odd pair of gloves or trinket. Yet I'm waiting three months to see one. What I'm getting from LFR? Gold bags, downgrades and dupes which get straight to vendor.

Old system was much better IF you didn't had trolling pricks in your raid. Leishi gun drops - ok nobody except hunters CAN even need on it, that leaves me + maybe 1-3 other people. Now - i get gold/dupe while hunter who already has normal gun gets LFR gun and shards it cos he cannot trade it.
Well yes true, but that's the way it is, and it is much better than the old system... besides in LFR people wouldn't pass that much on gear either, they would either roll need if they could and nuke it, or then sell it to someone who also rolled on it... it was just bad.... Also the item you want still HAS to drop before you even get a chance to roll on it. The odds of rolling agains 2-3 ppl for it may not seem too bad, but still the chance of it dropping is a lot worse to start with... combined, the chances are probably on the same level as before...
I agree that it sucks that you didn't get the weapon, but RNG can be a bitch. hen again you have 3 tokens so four chances per week to get it, statistics will turn to favour you at some point.