Thread: Ret Pala in 5.2

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    Ret Pala in 5.2

    hi guys

    i just tried the PTR to see what new with ret pala and i think some of u want to know too so i made a video about what new with ret pala

    hope you enjoy it

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    nice video, I agree with you on everything.

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    Good vid, too bad there is so little to cover; I would mention the Hand of Purity buff. As I think you mentioned, the absolutely no buffs to our utility is just terrible.

    As I mentioned in another thread, we are the only hybrid that gains virtually nothing by going from healer to dps. For example, going from shadow to disc you lose a disarm/horrify, a silence, mindflay snare, dispersion and so forth. Going Ret to Holy you lose umm... Emancipate, but Holy can cleanse magical snares, so it's not even that huge of a difference. Seal of Justice is a big dps loss so it's barely even worth mentioning as added utility.
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    You attacked the dummy from the front. Always stand behind them :P

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