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    Simcraft Help.

    So I have been using simcraft lately to get my stat weights and haste is coming out below crit with mastery blowing it out of the water. even after 2-3 reforges using the stat weights and re simming to get accuracy. This can't be right. any help?

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    Armory link?

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    oh my bad.

    US - Illidan

    sorry i cant link

    ( Pawn: v1: "Shamaname": Intellect=3.32, Spirit=2.62, SpellDamage=2.81, HitRating=2.62, CritRating=1.02, HasteRating=0.93, MasteryRating=1.21 )

    figured i would link the pawn string as well. also i am not reforged as the pawn string suggest. i just went haste>mastery>crit.

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    I remember having similar "issue", but afaik it's not an error with simC. With low gear, using elemental blast and without 4p t14, mastery usually pull ahead of haste (and crit and haste are at similar level). Using primal elementalist, 4pt14 or higher ilevel gear will progressively make haste go ahead of mastery, and as most sims for "basic statweight" are done using reasonably high ilevel gear and with the set bonuses, that's why we usually say "haste > mastery", even if you're in a case where it's not (totally) true. Also beware that going full mastery might not be the best solution neither, just try going "half/half", and then use simC to make a reforge plot between haste and mastery, if you want to "fine tune" it
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    That is another thing. How do I read a reforge plot? It just looks like a bunch of dots that are different shades of blue or purple. I have just been getting the scaling weights and inputting the pawn string into reforgelite.

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    don't do it with 3 stats (it's a mess to read). Assume you know one stat is best/worst (in our case : crit is most probably worst stat), so try getting as few of that as possible, and then do a reforge plot with only mastery and haste. It'll then look like a single curve, and aim is to find the maximum of that curve (beware to do it with enough iteration and don't put too much consideration into un-natural peak that are usually more due to sims error than "real peak beeing here"). Normally if you "average" it a bit it should look either like a "nearly straight-line" or it might go up for a while and then back down. If it's a straight line and goes "higher" in the direction of mastery, it means that you should reforge all (or at least up to the max value you told the sim to use) haste into mastery. If it goes up to e.g 500 mastery, and then down again, you should reforge 500 haste into mastery, and not more/less.

    However, when haste and mastery are so close together that there is such a maximum, usually it means it shouldn't matter too much how you reforge (consider sims are playing near-perfectly for a 8 to 12mn static fight), and should go either haste or mastery depending on the "gameplay" you prefer (also remember crit and mastery are way better than haste in aoe-situation, and to much haste give you a lower burst during bl, but higher sustained dps).

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    So I feel that i have a now close to accurate sim. for whatever reason the first one is obviously terrible but then resimming gives a much more logical reforge from stat weights. That being said I ran a sim for a 10 minute fight on a raid dummy with no variation and only buffs that i can provide, including lust. it put me at 66k for dps and I only managed to pull 59k after the 10 minutes were up. I am not sure but even though I can't play like a robot 7k seems like to much of a gap to say oh well its just because simcraft is simcraft.

    maybe someone can provide me help?
    I have been doing the standard priority that is given for EoE/EB

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    You know that the 66k from simcraft is an average number over all iteration, while you compare it to one single fight against the dummy?

    This number might easily vary between iteration. The variation might even be more than 3-5k DPS.

    Look into your simcraft result. There should be a graph named DPS distribution which shows you the DPS range and the distribution of all iteration.

    If you are not within this range, there might be some greater problems, otherwise it could just be rng.

    Still, we are all just human and not machines, so some player errors are always present and there is always room for improvement.

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    first double check you used all your cds, including potions (prepot + timed with fire elemental), the same way the sim use it (basically on cooldown). Next thing to check is if the number of spell you casted correspond to what's given in the sims (ideally wol your 10mn attempt on a dummy (preferaly in a desert town), to compare more easilly afterwards), try to see if there's a spell you casted too much/not enough, or if there are buffs that you have in too high or too low percentage.

    Finally I re-simed you char with haste/mastery/spell power buff and bloodlust, and I got an average of 65030 (+-30) dps, going from 62 to 69k dps (on different attempts)

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