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    I'll do it on alts and for those trinkets there may be. There can't be much worse itemization on trinkets than T14 for warriors.
    Also for tier only if the new set bonuses sim really high compared to T14, so much that the set bonus is worth missing ~10ilvls or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    Blizzard announced that people who regularly raid normal or heroic raids will not need to run the new LFR raids, because the gear it drops is not comparable to 5.0 normal and heroic raid gear.

    this gives me the concern that a pretty huge chunk of players that currently run LFR, namely the raiders, will have no use for the new LFR, and thus will not run it. this could increase queue times for the rest of us.

    Currently raiders have no use for LFR aswell

    nothing will changed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrairieChicken View Post
    Noone will run 5.0 LFR because new malevolent gear is 483 and why waste time in LFR when you can grind them guarenteed in battlegrounds.

    The "you have to PVP to get PVE gear" era is back again folks
    They've just announced they're reducing the ilvl of the 5.2 honor gear to 476 (and increasing its PvP stats to compensate). I don't know if this will apply to existing Malev gear.
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    Raiders will still run it from time to time.

    While the gear isn't a big motivation unless you just want pieces laying around in case you can finish a set bonus, we will still enter for various reasons.

    -VP (usually a more interesting way to cap valor than doing 5 mans

    LFR doesn't offer all the mechanics but practice is a decent one. It's a good way to yourself familiar with an encounter and to well, practice DPS/rotations in a raiding environment instead of on a dummy.

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    alts. A lot of hardcore raiders have alts and play too much. they do lfr with alts before doing alt runs

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    If they want to get people doing LFR again, they need to do something about the drop rate.... 28 Terrace LFR clears now, and still no sha-touched weapon, I finally said screw it i'll wait my turn for the normal drop and never plan on touching LFR again.

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    There is plenty of people who do lfr just for the heck of it, or just to show off, they will always be there.

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    I currently do 1-3 LFR to valor cap, with the normal raiding + perhaps a scenario or two. But if you won't be able to upgrade gear anymore in 5.2 then I don't know why, seems kinda pointless, I would want to cap or why I would want to put up with the LFR.

    The incentive sort of feels gone since the gear wont be better then the heroic/normal gear you have going in, sure perhaps to pick up some quick tier tokens or some special item (trinkets are usually a rare drop shared among many people) but beyond or after that? There doesn't seem to be a point. There really needs to be a better incentive for me to put up with the wonderful people that inhabit the LFR; the once that just stand there ignoring all mechincs, the afk muppets that do nothing and finally all the once that cry like little babies at eachother about everything under the sun.
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    How bout you just play the game like I will, not worrying about what others will do.
    These threads are so sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordcalin View Post
    If they want to get people doing LFR again, (...)

    I missed something ? Since when ppl stoped doing LFR so they should doing it AGAIN ?

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    Nothing will change.
    Raiders that passionately hate LFR (like me, for example), won't run a 5.2 LFR more than one time ever just to unlock that green squares in Armory.
    Raiders that are running 5.1 LFR even after collecting all the stuff they want, would run 5.2 LFR just the same as they do 5.1 LFR.
    Instead of fearing that there would be no boosters for you, try to read tactics maybe? And learn to play?

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