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    no just no

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldkil View Post
    Tbh, if i wanted to play as ranged, i would have rolled another of the muliple ranged dps classes - hell i play the rogue because i like to be in melee and avoid things with the minimum movement possible.
    And two out of three Specs would still fit that shoe perfectly.

    Im a Sub Rogue since Vanilla and don't like the Bleed direction they took when they realized they can't find a way to bring us up in PvE.
    I had to play other Classes until Firelands, and oh the joy i felt when i could play my favourite Spec, finally! Well, it didn't had any things i liked about it once, but i did take the compromise.
    To this day, i feel like a Feral Druid. For me, the Bleed-Theme was already taken by them and Warriors...
    I miss the old Hemo, which gave a flat DMG increase and was ten times more exciting to track than a Bleed timer.
    I miss Ghostly Strike...the Buff was crap, but the Animation was nice.

    Thing is, i don't have any idea how one can ambush his/her prey and after that sit back and watch it "bleed" to Death. A throwing weapon Subtlety-Rogue makes alot more sense than a "bleed"-guy. Unseen, making pinpoint attacks via small but effective blades, trying to kill the enemy before they can find him.
    The actual changes to mechanics of today's Sub Rogue wouldn't even be a Stretch. Our energy regen, mastery, Bonus CP Generator, etc. don't really rely on melee, like Combat or Assa. The only real melee uptime you need is during CD's!

    I play ST Sub since MoP Release, and i would LOVE to see it reworked into something more fitting than the "Hemo/Rupture"-Rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    With all and utmost respect, why don't you just roll a Hunter? What could a ranged Rogue possibly add to World of Warcraft that makes them different and worth playing over a Hunter aside from a little more flexibility when fights require more ranged?

    I don't see what this would add to the game. It's not like you are able to deploy new and awesome poisons or anything, Hunters already have Serpent Sting which isn't far off from Deadly Poison these days. Focus and energy is quite comparable although one passively regenerates and the other is being regenerated passively and also actively. Then there are combo points, and with that all I can imagine is a ranged Rupture, and ranged Eviscerate and a Slice and Dice type of ability.

    In Guild Wars 2 the Rogue (or Thief rather) class was able to become a ranged spec/class. All they came up with in that game which mind you has nothing but amazing and original ideas, was a Shadowstep like ability that shoots yourself forward (much like Blink) and ranged combo point-like abilities that simply did more damage the more ''combo points'' you had.

    I don't see this ever working. Hunters fill the niche of a ranged physical class and all I can see Rogues become are knockoff Hunters. Yes a Hunter class/spec without a pet would be nice, but I think reworking a Hunter spec to fill that would be far more likely.
    By that logic, why have different Specs at all? If you look at Warcraft 3, we have TONS of different Flavours for ranged Attacks. Several Units and Races utilize way more than Bows/Guns...and i will never understand why we only have the Hunter-Class to represent ALL of them. Makes as much sense as having the Warrior Class as the only Melee one.

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