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    Laptop randomly goes into sleep mode on boot up/start up


    Having an annoying issue with my laptop, which is a Dell XPS 15(I think it's the LX502 model but need to check at home), basically after I use it off the battery power, the next I try to boot it up it will randomly go into sleep mode about 5-10 times sometimes more, this happens weather I boot it up on battery or with the charger plugged in.

    I've contacted Dell but they won't give any information about what could cause it over the phone and if i send it to them for repair it will take 5-6 weeks they've said, though it's a long time to lose something I use everyday.

    So just wondering if anyone has any advice on what could be the issue or if I should just send it to Dell since it's still under warranty.


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    It sounds like some kind of power issue. Unfortunately if you can't send it to Dell, you may be out of luck.

    Another option is to see if there's a local repair shop that can test other batteries, or other AC chargers that work with that laptop. It might also be worthwhile to swap the hard drive, install a clean OS, and see if that changes anything. The $50-100 service charge to test all that may be worth not having to go without it for a couple months.

    Alternatively, some shops may honor Dell warranty, and maybe if they can determine the problem, they can order the part and repair it in shop in a few days. I was Dell certified up until about two years ago, and did a dozen jobs a year like that beforehand.

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    I know this is not a real solution and only a possibly band-aid to the problem but have you tried disabling sleep mode altogether?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo6912 View Post
    I know this is not a real solution and only a possibly band-aid to the problem but have you tried disabling sleep mode altogether?
    I set it to never sleep but it has still done it.

    My local independent store doesn't honour the Dell warranty but still I don't want to lose it for 5-6 weeks. :s

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    Try booting it into safemode and see if you can repeat the sleep mode issue there. 9/10 times sleep mode is controlled by software, most often through windows power settings. If the problem doesn't happen in safe mode then you will have narrowed it down to hardware or software related.

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    It is a problem with your video driver/graphics/display settings most likely, a very common problem in Dell systems. Try checking Dell's site in the download section for patches or updates.

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