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    Anyone else disappointed with the design of the Isle of Giants?

    Maybe its just me, but from the screen shots and the video clips I have seen the new dinosaur stomping grounds in 5.2 look a little bit underwhelming. Based on how the island the Throne of Thunder is on looks and after seeing zones like Krasarang and Swamp of Sorrows, the isle of giants just looks way to....I guess tame. Here we have a lost primordial land filled with savage dinos and the equally savage Zandalari tribe that have probably been traveling to this land for centuries, I was expecting something a bit more wild and "troll" like for the environment. Right now when I look at clips it looks to me to much like Nagrand or even Valley of the Four Winds, was really hoping for something like a much more dense and primal Un'Goro crater feel to the island. Anyone else a little disappointed with how it looks?

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    PTR its not done & things could change come Patch release.
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    that was only a teaser, it may be like that, or it may be not.

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    It actually looks a lot like Un'Goro Crater, from the bubbling tar pits to the color of the terrain to the dinosaur bones.

    Happy with the way it looks and am eager to check it out.

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    Its always best to judge a games content based on screen shots and youtube videos. I would also suggest buying a condo in Syria sight unseen based on photos from 1994.

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    I agree with you. Except, you know, it is a beta zone, which means "under construction". It is still unpopulated, has no real filling and is likely to receive changes 24/7.

    But here, a suggestion what you can do with your thoughts: Post them on the official forums, so Blizzard might hear what players think of it.
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    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Its always best to judge a games content based on screen shots and youtube videos. I would also suggest buying a condo in Syria sight unseen based on photos from 1994.
    Seems legit. I'd like to hire you as my real estate agent.

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    I would be disappointed if nobody made a "I am dissapointed" thread whenever Blizzard releases something new.

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    At least it gets us closer to mope being finished.

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    Not me, I think it looks awesome and am really looking forward to it.
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    Yep, some people are disappointed.
    some people are happy!

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