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    Pain sup macro

    Hay, been scanning the forums for a macro that tells in the raid chat:

    Pain Suppression up on x player


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    /cast [target=mouseover] Pain Suppression
    /raid Pain Suppression on %t

    %t will output the player's name. I don't know for sure if %t works for mouseover macros, it will for sure work if you have the person targetted.

    I use an addon that announces it now, but I used to use macros like that for various things.

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    how about this one i just tested out

    /tar [@mouseover]
    /cast Pain Suppression
    /Y Pain Suppression on %t

    this makes it so you can still be targeted on boss, while tossing out a spell on whoever.

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    You could always just get the lovely lovely addon WakeSpam that allows you to annouce any spell in your arsenal and automatically select where to do it. IE: Party in a party, instance in an instance, raid in a raid...

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