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I'm in a heroic 25m raiding guild that's currently 6/6 vaults hc and 6/6 HoF hc I don't believe I'm holding the raid back at all there's fights like spirit kings where I dominate the meters but on fights like elegon I fall behind the other mages who play fire only.

I love the guild as a whole but it's the range dps officer (who's a Mage) always seems to single me out and patronise me about my spec choice.

The main aim of this thread was to get input from other mages and their thoughts on the three specs and I greatly appreciate all those who have given me positive feedback
I'd stick with what you like on the fights where you are doing better dps. For the rest, give fire a try and see how it compares for you. If you are ahead on some and behind on others compared to the fire mages, then you aren't holding back the raid overall.

Try to strike a compromise. It might mean reforging/regemming for certain fights, but it may be worth the trouble.