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    Quote Originally Posted by Xupyko View Post
    Guys u can't imagine how everything is simple when u spent almost 2 years in game (/played 604 days) and u know this game better than yourself
    All those chars are mine and the result of day by day fanatic tests and different strategies on MoP Test servers.
    All crafting profs - thanks to mine guildmates they gave me evr for craft.
    Monk was a result of using blizzard "clever mechanic" and I started pushing him from 80 lvl at once with a help of mine guildmates and non-stop grind.
    Shaman - one of the laptops had problems with videocard (shit happens) and I lost much time and as a result Shaman SF.
    Fishing and Arhaeology - to much time and I had to sacrifice them instead of others.

    So question - HOW?
    Ansver - simple. And I will show u it at mine facebook account at the end of content.
    You are awesome
    Synek - best rogue in the world

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    Quote Originally Posted by esnar View Post
    with multiboxing then?
    Some kind of it, yes.

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