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    Quote Originally Posted by Argroth View Post
    First it would require Bioware to think about their customers/players, or think at all for that matter.
    agree...they severely don't give a shit. They probably laugh at all the people who defend them on their forums. Looks like a con artist, smells like a con artist, probably a con artist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argroth View Post
    Looks like non-subscribers are screwed again since they can't do in game tickets and there is no toll free number to call
    I think somebody here mentioned he got it resolved with website ticket. There is a change other f2p players can resolve it the same way.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    Honestly I feel like there is some serious disconnect in their communication/editing... and I mean the fact that there has been no dev post about about and they obviously know it's misleading... but they haven't adjusted it... It's just sort of depressing to me. I mean I have pointed out errors in their patch notes berfore and they have always edited them, and those weren't even anything that was a huge deal. It's just frustrating.
    If significant portion of the developers were laid off or transfered to other stuff I can imagine the remaining guys don't have too much spare time for communication. The amoun of bugs that every update sufferes from suggests that they don't have enough time to do even their share of work.

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    its like they produced many numbers of patches forhand in the last years dry time. Now the people work for something different and only a few caretaker are still activ with codes they dont even know :/

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