Thirteen is a level 25 Horde guild on the US PVP realm, Dark Iron. Its membership is made up of a select few of the very best players that the World of Warcraft community has to offer, in terms of experience, maturity and dedication. Although <Thirteen> engages in PvP and PvE progression, the emphasis is on fostering an environment that promotes trust, camaraderie and teamwork rather than competitive progression. The core premise of Thirteen is to put forth a standard of realm (and cross-realm) excellence through honorable action and conduct, regardless of faction affiliation or other factors.

Minimum Requirements
In order to be accepted for (or successfully complete) a 30-day trial period, Recruits must meet the following minimum criteria:

Have an attitude and sense of gamesmanship that is compatible with the other members and reflects the core tenets of Thirteen. As Members of this guild, we understand that our greatest strengths come from our differences and the unique personalities that each of us brings to the Team as a whole. When a person does not mesh well with the rest of the team, or is abrasive, abusive, or negative, then hostility or frustration can set in and poison the guild.
Thirteen is NOT the guild for elitists, trade chat retards/trolls, telephone tough guys, beggars and progression whiners.
We ARE the guild for loyal, community-minded players who understand that progression comes second to (and usually a result of) building a team where everyone is valued for their contributions.

Standards and Expectations
In addition to the minimum requirements listed above, everyone who carries the Thirteen tag under their name will be accountable and responsible to each other for conducting themselves in a manner that reflects credit up the guild and its members. As individuals, the definition of “honorable conduct” is subjective. Members should use their best judgment when determining how to conduct themselves in any particular situation. At a minimum, each member has the following obligations and expectations of them:

To the guild
We all have an obligation to improve the guild, and we all can find some way to contribute to its success. Whether it is crafting, gathering, dailies, achievement hunting, gear upgrading, or whatever. Inevitably, there will always be people who contribute more or less than others. Whatever the situation, the important thing to consider is the overall benefit or impact to the guild not just progression-wise, but to the culture of the guild as well.

To Horde players
In the interest of creating a well-respected name throughout this new cross-realm/random dungeon world we now inhabit, we have to start with our own faction. Whether it be in Trade chat, World PVP, questing, whatever, make sure your interactions with other players reflect credit upon the guild. Ninja-looting, kill-stealing, trade-chat trolling and generally being an ass hinders the efforts that everyone else is putting forth to make this a guild everyone will know and respect.

To Alliance players
Most items stated above for Horde, also can apply to interactions with the other side. Dark Iron is a PvP server, no question, and that makes Allies (and you) fair game, of course. However, hanging out in Stranglethorn with the sole intent of ruining a 30-ish NELF priest’s leveling experience is shameful. For those that wage war against the Alliance, as we all should, make sure we do so honorably. Word of mouth will get around. Let them fear us because we gank their 90’s, not their 19’s. However, there are appropriate times for everything, even griefing, so again, these “rules” are subjective. Use good judgment and realize your actions speak for everyone in the guild.

To each other
One of the benefits of having a smaller, tight-knit guild is the absence of drama or conflict in the larger guilds. While we are in no way immune to those problems, we can be better equipped than most to handle it. Recognize the contributions of your fellow guildies and be willing to offer them your time or assistance. Likewise, if you’re the recipient of such help, pay it forward. Be as inclusive as possible of every Guildie.
In the event of conflicts or arguments within the guild, do everything you can to resolve them privately. Depending on severity, Members will discuss adverse action if disruptive conflict between other members becomes a detriment, up to and including removing the offenders from the guild.

To themselves
Take care of yourself and your own goals/objectives within the game.
Sometimes the best way that you can help the guild is to focus on improving your own skills/gear/etc. And above all, don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it!

If this is something you would like to be apart of, please contact:
Amraam (Raoh#1177)
Lunk (Lunk#1325)