We are an adult only progression raiding guild located on Antonidas server. We have historically cleared all normal mode content and then moved on to heroics as time before the next expansion permits.

We are seeking to bring in players that will be less satisfied with that and have the drive to work through heroic content in a more timely manner. We are seeking players who do their homework, show up prepared, and do not take corrective critisizm as a personal assault.

We started coming together as a guild at the end of B.C.
We completed the Wrath expac on both ten and 25 normal, 10 heroic.
We are one of only seven Alliance guilds on our server to legitimately complete the heroic dragonsoul tier.

If you are a player who would like to come help us achieve the next step in our growth as a guild please feel free to contact us to discuss server transfer.

Players who have completed 16/16 heroic will of course be afforded the oppurtunity of paid transfer should they decide to join us as we progress. They will subsequently be offered paid transfer out at the end of the expansion should they help us meet our goals and feel that they are no longer a good fit.

We can be contacted at:

[email protected]

Or contact Injustice on Antonidas server between the hours of 4pm and midnight PST.

Thank you for your time.