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    dk pvp help

    just would like some input on specs strengths/weaknesses that sort of thing. i recently hit 90 and have been tanking the whole time and wanted to get into pvp.. any help help would be very much appreciated

    or maybe just what spec you pvp with?
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    I used to play frost 2H, which is excellent for battlegrounds with a lot of burst, especially on cloth. DW is great against plate but meh against cloth. I've since switched to unholy, which provides a lot more magical damage, making it a more well rounded spec against both cloth and plate. The burst isn't really there anymore but I make up for it with control using my pet's Leap and Gnaw to stun my targets along with Asphyxiate. It's an excellent pair with a healer (stun opposing dps or healer and then go to town on the other dps) or someone else with a lot of burst.

    So, unholy.

    Also, I'd gem for def over power once you have a malevolent weapon if you plan on moving into arena. We're a glass cannon.

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    If you want good and constant damage, go for Frost.
    If you want alright damage, but more survivability, go Unholy.

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