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    I'm a bad Blood DK, what do I spend Valor on

    I need help with picking what to buy! Getting conflicting answers from a DK friend, MrRobot, and what I think.

    So I deleted my main account toons during Cata (game sucked), but came back to MoP in late November and I thoroughly enjoy this xpac.

    I never played DK at all before 2 months ago, and just dinged 90 about a month ago, so I'm relatively new (I don't have all the reps to revered yet)


    Just some background, I barely get into raids because I'm poorly geared. Even when we do raid its MSV reg, hence the LB talent and its fairly casual- so usually to down bosses we outgear it. I have some weird glyphs right now because I was doing Elegon and using Pestilence to hit all the sparks to help DPS.

    Gear wise, I know I have 0 Expertise (how did I even manage that?) so thats definitely a problem. Also I know my parry to dodge ratio is off by a little, so theres that also (like I mentioned I'm not pushing heroic content)

    I'd like to use some of this VP (2900 right now) and I have Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shado Pan, and should have August Celestials tonight- what pieces should I grab and what can I do to not suck?

    PS if this should be in a different thread sorry!

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    We have a lot of "what to buy with VP" threads open. One, for instance, is right here:

    http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...o-spend-vps-on (frost)

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