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    The big list of free SWTOR guides

    Copy paste from swtorstrategies.com Pretty good "handbook" of gaming guides:

    Sine the launch of Star Wars: The old republic more then two year ago, we have steadily updated our website with new game guides. Now one year later, it has become increasingly hard to find the the guide you might be looking for. There for are we creating this list for a better overview. This will be a work in progress and we will do our best to keep the list updates.

    Raiding/Flashpoints Guides:

    Galactic Starfighter

    General Raid guides:

    General Guides:

    Vanity Pets:



    Bounty Contract Guides

    Misc Class guides:

    Armor and outfits:

    Free to play

    Companion guides

    Crafting Guides

    PVP Guides


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    Updated for gameupdate 2.5

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    Added new guide: Shield, Sensor and Armor Components Comparisons Guide for Galactic Starfighter

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    I like how the guardian guide is completely wrong even listing a sentinel build instead of a guardian build
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    added SWTOR Galactic Starfighter New Player Guide

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    Thanks very much.

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    Added Quick Guide for Building the Sting & Flashfire and the Ocula & Skybolt Scout Ships

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    Cheers, will serve me well

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    Anyone with any experience (and preferably known here on the forums) looked over these guides? All I see is thanks from brand new subscribers and one from a long term user saying one of the guides is completely wrong! I've just restarted the game after a 2 year break so am looking for info for beginners, build guides etc., so wondering if these are of any use whatsoever?

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    the word on my server Jedi covenant and my guildies is to look up info from Keyboard Ninja he is a long time player and is well versed in gearing and specs for most classes. Also you can check out www.noxxic.com they are up to date for 2.5. I use it as a guide to specs. You can also look at this thread

    If you plan on going merc dps. It has not been updated since 2.2 but gives the BiS for all 72 gear and that will have you HM DP/DF ready.

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