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    Guilds disbanding?

    Hey, I noticed a trend of very many decent (Progression wise) raiding guilds disbanding.

    This is not a doomsday everyone is quitting thread, I personally like MoP alot atm.

    Have your raiding guild disbanded, and if it did - Why?

    It might happen halfway every tier, but I just noticed it alot this time around.

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    I haven't noticed any such thing, but i guess it's a pretty demanding tier, with a lot of bosses to clear, and normal modes perhaps being a bit harder than casual guilds are used to, too.

    I guess that can drain their players, with no raids as a result, and a hibernation/disband.

    Just a random thought.

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    Only thing I've noticed is the lack of 25 man being even bigger now. My 25man guild didnt disband but "downgrade" to two 10man groups insted, and thats pretty much the direction its going. And in my experience I kind of understand why, 10man is easyer than 25man.. (For instance - we kept on wiping on Elegon for weeks as 25man, made a 10man and downed him on the second try. Now this is clearly because its easyer to set up a good 10man group with players that actually focus 110% than doing the same with a 25man raid).

    But OT: I dont think many guilds are disbanding, I dont follow any of the progressive/competativ guilds though. I do however feel its alot more pugs going on (I play on Outland EU, a pretty filled up server)
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    if fact I see a trend of guild disband just after holiday since the start of wow (it also happen at summer start)
    its just people getting different live schedule messing up with raiding schedule or just gaming time

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    There have been 4-5 of the.. what I would consider 'higher end' oceanic guilds disbanding in the past 2 months.
    It was an extremely demanding tier, it was bound to happen to some of them, but I was surprised at the number and the previous rankings of said guilds.
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    My guild I played with since early WOTLK did hit a rough patch in Cataclysm and ended up dying even before MoP hit. Sucked hard.

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    Guilds disband, reform, then disband again all the time. It happens. There's no real trend... Maybe sometimes more guilds are disbanding than others, but overall there's no trend. It's just the way of WoW.

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    My guild disbanded half way through a lot as I can't seem to find a fitting guild for me so I'm pretty much still stuck in that gear.

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    My "main" guild was full of life in wrath/cata but is now almost dead. From being a fast progressing raid/guild level guild + social aspect. Pretty sad. We had a boom when MoP came and it was full of life again but that died pretty soon as most of the ppl seemed to hate MoP.
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    We've had a bunch of "Dragon Soul Hero" guilds disbanding mostly because they couldn't have any proper progress in the new raids.

    Many of them (10 man) also disbanded to create or merge into 25 man guilds due to finding it easier to progress in (if it is or not ain't the point and I won't argue for or against it) so, yes, I've noticed a bunch of guilds going away.

    My old guild, even, is an example of that. We had a bunch of returning players at the start of MoP so we formed a second 10-man raiding team which was, in theory, the best team since it had the best setup and the most equipped players, yet they got stuck multiple times during progress (we start on the very first week the raids opened), and my team managed to do a full clear and score us 1st place in our server's Alliance and 3rd place overall (mind you, we do have a top EU guild in the server). So, that being said, most people were happy as we had achieved a pretty good start. Yet, the guild master was placed in the other team so he got kind of pissed and issued an ultimatum: Disband the raid teams and form ONE single progression team or change to 25-man.

    Then what happened is probably a story all of you have heard before: Officers started recruiting en masse, getting Trials in without even a proper Application, and the guild that had cleared MV in the first week was stuck in Feng NORMAL on the third week due to having a bunch of ungeared and just flat out bad players in the 25 man group.

    This did lead to massive clashes and rifts within the guild, as you can imagine, since it felt like all the work had been for nothing and it was only made worse by the fact that this exact same thing had already happened during Cataclysm. So those who preferred 10-man decided to leave with me as the "spearhead" since I was an officer and raid leader... We were in talks to join another existing guilds and establish our raid team there, since most of 'my' raid team was leaving, yet we didn't quite agree with their impositions so we just created a new guild.

    Our former guild tried 25 for a couple more weeks, but, modesty aside, they had lost their best tank and raid leader, plus some of their best dps and healers. They ended up going 10-man again, lost another top DPS (joined us) and the guild master left to join the top server guild and bam, dead guild.

    (if it matters, our new guild is doing pretty well, at least!)

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    On my server, MoP's launch hit the horde hard. Our top two progression guilds disbanded and several lesser ones also disbanded and one I know of server changed. Because of that, those of us who stayed behind have been jumping from guild to guild until we finally find a place we can raid. I think the number of raiding guilds is currently less than 20 on Undermine-US horde side. Once I found Try Again I was able to start raiding with them. They are awesome, and actually perform better than the other guilds I've been in. I dare say Try Again may now (or soon) be the top progression horde guild on my server.

    In short the political scene has changed drastically. More so than it has ever with the launch of previous expansions (I've been around since BC and came to Undermine in Wrath when the previous server I was on was causing me drama.).

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    My guild disbanded because we couldn't get enough people in. We were stuck on a realm where pugging even 1/6N MSV was an impossibility and with only 8-9 people showing up reliably..

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    I'd say it's a combination of harder normal modes and abundancy of 10 mans. Stretch a server long enough with 10's and it won't be able to form any coherent guild.

    And yes, a major, yet 10 man guild disbanded on my old medium to low pop server over a month ago. What's more important is that the same thing happened to a top 200, but 25 man guild on my current server. It's not really "guilds disband and form all the time" which that is in itself a problem. Stability. I blame Blizz, regardless.
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    My guild disbanded because 3 people had to leave for Real Life and at the point in progression we were at (12/16H US 70th at the time) there just werent the players we needed looking for a guild.

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    Many great arguments, points and reasons.

    I just find it sad, our server best guild disbanded, and another great guild called Bizzno disbanded aswell (And many others, I just have a connection to these).

    I think while I am a big fan of 10 man, they have a tendency to form and disband faster, as it is a much easier process.

    Overall I am talking about decent guilds, not so much people on 8/16 normal (No offence to anyone), which seemed to disband alot. Might just be me, tho!

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    Guilds come and go all the time, 10man guilds also amplified this, they tend to die a lot more quickly.

    I experienced this first hand with my old guild, we went from having everyone on the beta, extremely motivated to try to push for a decent wowprogress ranking with everyone lvl 90 and ready to go by the time MSV opened to disbanding within 2 weeks due to the guild leader decision of quitting the game since it was causing him irl issues.

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    Old guilds disband and new ones form. It happens all the time.
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    The raiding guild i was in kinda disbanded over the course of Cata, and it's almost completely dead no except me and the guildleader and a few other people, but then again, the server i'm on (Trollbane EU) is completely dead, i dont even think there are any serious raiding guilds on the horde side anymore...:s

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    Our guild stopped raiding this week, mainly because we are a group of friends whose times and needs IRL vary hugely, and after having 1 - 4 different people missing from almost every raid since the beginning of the tier, we have just had to admit even though we love playing together, our schedules make it unworkable.

    Not sure what to do now as my needs in terms of raid times are kind of specific, so I may end up taking a break from wow :<

    Basically all the people I have known for years are either working and can't stay up late raiding / have RL commitments, and mosty of the people I know who progress raid are young people and students. I think there is a body of people who have aged while playing wow being displaced from your standard raid time raiding due to work and RL commitments...

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    I recently heard that the german hardcore raiding scene pretty much exploded a few weeks ago, and there's a couple of others that have been giving up(both top guilds in the world, and top guilds on my server)

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