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    I Lost An Auction - Literally Lost It

    I had 2 Emerald Whelplings (battle pets) up on the AH now one of them is gone. I have no idea where it is. It is not in my pet journal, it isn't one one of my other character's bags, it is not in my mail, and it certainly isn't in the bank.

    It's just gone, 5k flushed down the drain.

    What the hell happened? I've never had this situation before. I logged out and in in case it was some graphical bug - nothing.

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    remember that mail from the auction house takes 1hour to appear, if not put a GM ticket in
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    remember that mail from the auction house takes 1hour to appear, if not put a GM ticket in
    Well there hasn't even been any notification of any kind that it was sold. Guess I'm ticketing a GM...

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    You're absolutely certain you put both up on the same character? You didn't put one up on someone else and forget?

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    Is your mailbox full? It would say at the top if it was. Additionally even after I buy something and go to a mailbox it's not always there right away and I need to move to another mailbox or wait for a few minutes before it shows up.

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    AH is sometimes very VERY slow before it shows up. might been that unless its been several hours already in which case i suggest a GM ticket

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    Just get a GM to look it up for you; Everything you do is recorded on logs that they only have so if anything you will get it back or tell you where you put it.

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