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    I've done LFR on my Paladin since it's came out, (Though I have skipped MSV and HOF a few times in the last couple of weeks)
    I've gotten:

    5 Nullification Greathelms
    2 Necklace of Congealed Weaknesses
    2 Shack of Eversparks
    1 Impaling Treads
    1 Bonded Soul Bracers
    1 Bracers of Defiled Earth
    3 Starshatters
    3 Darkmist Vortex
    1 Shoulderguards of Misshapen Life
    1 Hisek's Chrysanthemum Cape
    Tier Chest
    Tier Shoulders
    Tier Helm
    1 Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion
    and from the Sha, I've gotten the tier legs twice and tier gloves.
    I've also gotten all of my sigils, and gotten my epic gem from LFRing

    On my monk, which has only done LFR twice or so:
    2 Bottle of Infinite Stars
    1 Gao-Rei, Staff of the Legendary Protector
    1 Arrow Breaking Windcloak
    Tier chest
    Tier legs
    1 Gara'kal, Fist of the Spiritbinder

    and one another one of my characters, I got a PVP ring from the sha.

    Am I just insanely lucky?

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    33 bosses and no loot.

    Here is the source:

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    9 weeks of Empress with sigils every week and still no Tier Chest or Claws of Shekzeer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otiswhitaker View Post

    Am I just insanely lucky?
    That's an understatement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjerith View Post
    When you let players trade items, you totally destroy the point of the new system and what it's changes bring to the table; absolute fairplay.
    I disagree. Under the new system, only you know what you win. If trading was permitted, then you could let the group know that you have an item you want to trade - maybe for free. If you keep quiet then noone will know what you do or dont win. At least with trading, duplicates or unwanted items can be put to good use.

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    106 bosses killed in LFR. One item drop from boss. 14 tokens used. 1 token granted loot. RNG as it is now is retarded. I feel like playing a slot machine in a casino and wasting my money in it. WoW always was a one-armed bandit and the mechanism of addiction works pretty much same. I only keep coming back becouse I have friends in WoW who refuse to play anything else with me. Play WoW or GTFO pretty much. This does not change the fact the everlasting RNG carrot on the stick chase is a moronic (yet successful by its addiction) concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esubane View Post
    I know OP's feel, heroic raiding hunter here with BLUE weapon. At 496 freaking ILevel. With finished 6000 VP quest.
    Coining every LFR and normal / heroic boss. Killing normal / heroic bosses for their normal drops aswell.

    Nothing. I give up, I'm not even mad at this point. That RNG is so bad that it's funny and silly in one.
    I give 0 fucks, heroic bosses fall. Just makes me cringe when I could do 10k more DPS with that fucking one item + 660 agi from quests.

    Now you know how I felt during BC. I had a hunter main back then and I NEVER was able to get anything better than the steelhawk crossbow (drop off the huntsman in Kara, item level 115). I was doing BT with a crap weapon but awesome other gear. Heh, I still outdpsed some of the people in my group too. I was happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MORGATH99 View Post
    in fact i got loot yesterday more than 2 months of no loot anyways it was something i didnt need though but what is certain is that was 2 months of zero loot even using the golden coins

    Still waiting to see armory link.

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    Over the course of 2 months of doing LFR, I've received exactly 8 items from it on two characters: 1 Essence of Terror, 4 Kri'tak , 2 Regail's Dagger and one Amber Scalpel. So yeah, not getting loot is almost better at that point.

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    Its not a good system, I rerolled to help the guild out as we were short dps, I cant get anything to drop and as such because were progressing I cant be carried through heroic modes. Its not a good system. If we could trade with players, we as a guild would run it every week and we could gear faster. Not enjoying this at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    Its not a good system, I rerolled to help the guild out as we were short dps, I cant get anything to drop and as such because were progressing I cant be carried through heroic modes. Its not a good system. If we could trade with players, we as a guild would run it every week and we could gear faster. Not enjoying this at the moment.
    I am sorry but LFR is not about gearing up your group faster. It is intended to provide a raiding experience for people who can't/won't/don't have time to run normals with a guild group. If your guild is progressing through heroic modes, are they not able to run a 2nd group (including you) through normals to help you gear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    You may not have met them, but I promise you they exist. I
    Let's see... two months with no items at all. The OP is complaining about Amber Shaper, so he can do all the LFR raids. That's 16 bosses/week, plus 3 charms, for 19 chances.

    At 15% chance per boss, getting no loot for two months (let's call that nine weeks) has a probability of about 1 in a trillion. So, we can say that with high probability not a single player is in the situation the OP purports to be in, unless they've been skipping an awful lot of loot opportunities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MORGATH99 View Post
    the golden coins doesnt give nothing but gold
    My warlock alt just got the sha-touched sword of Tsulong using a charm. So, no.
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