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    [A] <Eiinherjar> US-Doomhammer 7/16N 10M LF 1 heal 1 Frost DK - Fri Sat

    Title being fixed!

    Hi we are currently in need of 1 healer & 1 Frost DK. We would love to talk to you further about the possibility of you joining our guild. Below is some info about our guild. You can contact me at Frost#1825 or our GM at Smooshybear#1809.

    Guild Name: Eiinherjar
    Server: Doomhammer (PVE) (Alliance)
    Website: Under Construction (http://eiinherjar.guildportal.com)

    Eiinherjar is a guild located on the Doomhammer Server. We have been together for 5 years playing various MMOs. We been in wow together for over 3 years.. We are a guild that prides itself on clearing content while maintaining and understanding that this is a game. We are currently 6/6 in MSV and 1/6 in HoF.

    Raid Schedule - (Server is a Mountain Time)
    We run on Friday, Sat nights with a flex day. Flex 10 meaning it is a 10 man raid group so we can work around people schedule. Our raid times are currently 8:30 CST until 11 CST, occasionally going to 11:30.
    2nd Group - Tuesday and Wednesday 6 Server

    Our Goal - Our main goal is to create a healthy raiding environment. We want to continue clearing content while trying to achieve server first.

    Requirements- We require our raiders to be on 10-15 min before raids as well as have flasks, food, and a knowledge of the fight. We also require that raiders attend the raids that they are confirmed for unless something comes up and they are unable to make it. As long as they let the raid leader know ahead of time. Other than that its a fun and easy ride.

    Preparation – We like people who take pride in their characters. Your gear is properly gemmed and enchanted. You are self sufficient and turn up to raids fully stocked with necessary consumables. You carefully study the strategies and show up on time, fully repaired ready to do your job.

    Performance- We don't expect you to be at the top of the charts but we do want to see you want to be the best at what you do. Always striving to do better is key to progression

    The No-No's- We pride ourselves on a no drama policy. We are a tight nit guild that does not tolerate drama amongst each other. We understand that tensions run high while we are raiding that is why we try to keep thing stress free.

    Our Needs- In our guild we are constantly looking to get better. All exceptional dps and experienced raiders can contact me with my real idea [email protected]. We are looking to build up our core raid group so at this time we have open recruitment for all levels and classes.

    If any of these things interest you let us know! We are always looking for people who like to have fun and love to raid or Pop on over and PST one of our Fine Members and they can direct you to a Officer. Or you can contact me at Frost#1825 or speak to our GM at smooshybear#1809

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    Bump. These are all core spots and you will be a part of the group the moment you join.
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    Bump, got ourselves a healer. Just need 1 healer OR 1 ranged DPS now. No shaman spots available.
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    bump. had to replace a healer because of poor performance and in need of a frost DK.

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