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    Razer blade and europe.

    Hee guys!

    So i have bin patience and bin waiting for the blade to finaly come to Europe. Now with the edge released i am still wondering, "where the hell is my blade?"

    So any of you here who live in Europe or any where outside of the US,

    Where / How did you get your Razer blade?

    please do not comment about the laptop beeing sucky or what ever or over prices really i don't care it looks awesome i want to try out the switch blade and stuff like that. Bin watching the site ever since the first pictures of the Razer Blade.

    Thanks in advance!

    BTW! I tried ordering from the Us site,won't send it to Europe.

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    you could try a forwarding company but if their rates are % based you might be in for an expensive shipping fee.
    still your choice lacks sanity imo. (in money/hardware and effort)

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    You should still be able to get over-seas shipping I would think. I work in a shipping warehouse shipping products (in the US), and when a customer wants something overseas, we just charge them an extra $20-$30 for shipping the item. On a side note, I owned a 2nd revision Razer Blade and the UI thing was WAYYYYYY more gimmicky and un-useful then was made out to be in reviews and stuff. But overall I thought it was a well-built machine, however over priced. Damn is it thin, though.

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