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    (A) EX @ Ravencrest 11/16 HC - 10 man. Now Recruiting Healers!

    About us:

    EX, is an alliance guild that has been around almost as long as WoW has been running in Europe. Since then we have been across four servers, had a few name changes and thrown ourselves against every raid boss ever released and at our core, we have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable players you will find anywhere in game.

    We have now began progression in the first tier of MoP and have killed 11 bosses on heroic mode. To continue this success, we are opening our doors to new recruits who we feel will strengthen our team and expand our class options.

    What we are looking for is the ability to be both a strong team player and a strong individual player as they are both useless without the other. You will need to be vocal on mumble and able to offer and take criticism, we all make mistakes but the important thing is to learn from them and make sure they are not repeated. You will also need in-depth knowledge of your class or classes to a level where you can debate and discuss theorycraft and min-max strategies with other members.

    If you feel that you meet these criteria, EX can offer you a raiding atmosphere which is progression orientated with players that know what they are doing and are able to execute strategies. At the same time, we offer a great social side with people that know when to mess around and when to focus. Outside of raid times, we have quite a large community membership we have picked up along the way so between dungeons, alt raids, achievements and PvP activities there is always something to do.

    Our progress and recruitment needs are below:


    Mogu'Shan Vaults - 6/6 HC
    Heart of Fear -5/6 HC
    Terrace of Endless Spring -4/4


    1 x Hunter
    1x Holy Paladin
    1x Resto Shaman
    1x Resto Druid

    Bear in mind that although we have openings in all these classes, we only have one spot available so filling one will close the other.

    However, if you are an exceptional player we will find an opening for you in every class and spec, with that said, some classes are better stocked than others and competition will be fierce for certain spots.

    Raid Times:

    Sunday: 20:00-00:00
    Monday: 20:00-00:00
    Tuesday: 20:00-00:00
    Wednesday: 20:00-00:00
    Thursday: 20:00-00:00

    If you are interested, please visit our website www.ex-gaming.org to make an application.

    If you have any questions or would like to make a private application, please message Rain, Hotster or Rekark in game for a chat. If none are online, ask any of our members who will either refer you, or answer your questions if they are able. There is a good chance that one of us will be online on an alt so it's always best to ask a guild member.

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    Still recruiting healers!

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    Bump! Still need healers

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