Making this thread to discuss the the different ways we can macro Ring of peace for arenas, as of now that spell can be used on your self,
a friendly target, or the enemy.

I personally want to make atleast 2 macros one for friendly targets and my self, and one for enemies.
I don't use much macros as a monk since they aren't really need with a Naga mouse.
This is what i have so far:

/cast [target=arena1] Ring of Peace

Is it possible with alt/shift mods like to make the macro work like this
/cast [nomod][target=arena1] Ring of peace
/cast [mod:alt][target=arena2] Ring of Peace
/cast [mod:shift][target=arena3] Ring of Peace

Im not a macro genius , so this macro above probably won't work but if you understand what im trying to do, is it possible to do it?

For my friendly target Ring of peace macro for peeling teammates, i was thinking something like:
/cast [nomod][target=FriendGuy] Ring of Peace
/cast [mod:alt][target=OtherFriendGuy] Ring of Peace
/cast [mod:shift]target=LastFriendGuy] Ring of Peace

Thoughts and comments porfavor