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    Static/crackling from soundcard to headset

    Evening MMO-Champion, yet again I come to you to - hopefully - solve another one of my issues regarding my computer and it's hardware!

    I own a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium and a pair of SteelSeries Siberia V2 (take note, NOT the USB-version, this one HAS a green & pink plug.)

    Now, before you ask yourself "why do you own a 7.1 soundcard when your headset is only capable of 2.1?", long story short, 7.1 headset died, got the Siberia and kept the soundcard for future use.

    I have also connected my graphics card to my TV via HDMI to sometimes stream music to my speakers. So I frequently disable & enable the Creative SB X-Fi in the "Sound" option found in the control panel.

    Now to my problem, this evening I was doing nothing different, swapping output to play some music while doing the dishes. Once done, I enabled the Creative SB X-Fi again, and noticed that horrible, horrible sound that made me trade in my previous headset (The Razer Tiamat 7.1 if you wish to know), it was static. I could also hear that when listening to certain songs, words like "eyes" and "tears" made the S' sound so horrible (only in the right driver) I had to switch song and realize this was an issue.

    Also when I turn the audio all the way to max without any music on with the little volume control thing on the Siberia cord, I could loud and clear hear the volume increase and it was of that when you stroke your microphone with your finger. And when I run application such as World of Warcraft, the noise becomes almost as a screech that goes up and down depending on what I do in the game.

    When I plug the headset into the onboard soundjacks, the noise is gone. At least that saves me a trip to the store for a new headset that's going to sound just as bad.

    I know my PC is grounded because I've never had this issue until today, and I own a special power strip with two USB connectors on it that I used with my Tiamat due to static there as well. So I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure it's the soundcard.

    TL;DR: My soundcard gives me static noise, halp.

    If more information is needed, feel free to ask. And sorry for the long post, figured I'd post as much information as possible.
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    Maybe I missed it but what do you actually need help with? (I assume that's what "halp" means) Since you're certain it's the sound card and other ports work fine.
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    Microphone volume or related?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Notarget View Post
    Maybe I missed it but what do you actually need help with? (I assume that's what "halp" means) Since you're certain it's the sound card and other ports work fine.
    I need to know if something can be done with the soundcard to make it go back to it's previous state when it did not give me these static sounds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moshic View Post
    Microphone volume or related?
    Tried with and without microphone plugged in, still static.

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