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    Well it seems I can't post links yet, since I'm new here. But I swear to god, I was surprised myself. Suddenly my balance upped by an additional 1050 coins, and my ticket was resolved within 2 days. And I'm not a f2p player, I'm a former subscriber/preferred.

    PS. While I was a subscriber, I waited 35 days to get my Cartel Coins (!!!), so they also gave me 250 CC free as a ''sign of good will''.
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusherO0 View Post
    See, that's a major issue for me. If I can't believe what a developer is saying, then I can't trust the developer at all. I fully understand that dates slip and complications that lead to delays happen, but when a developer so consistently lies, misses stated deadlines, and hypes up features we never see, I can't bring myself to trust them to handle other aspects of the game.

    This isn't specific to BioWare, this is any developer (Hammerpoint Interactive is a good example of this) across any genre (Also, Peter Molyneux, but he's kinda adorable about it).

    And I totally would voice my opinion on their forums, but unfortunately they don't allow me to post there. I can report posts though, and do so on a regular basis : )
    They suffer the same problem as almost every company in the world.... lack of communication. On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is "not existing" I would give them a 2 because all my tickets have been answered in a reasonable time and they actually do answer on some threads in the forum. For clarification.. SOE would be 1 as they couldn't deliver either of the two mentioned before. They aren't getting a 3 because they alter statements without explanations and have differences between written patchnotes to "live" patchnotes.

    It seems to me that the guy writing the patchnotes is much more customer oriented than the guy who decides what will be actually in the patch. Probably that's why they don't like/ communicate with each other.

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