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    PvE, I like it now best (but not by much) close second would be AQ40 era of Vanilla, with three viable specs combined with fun rotations and gameplay.

    PvP is no contest, patch 1.4 through the first season of Arenas. The toolkit was ENORMOUS, deathcoil was unique, drains and fears meant you could usually kill any two enemies you came across.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siggma View Post
    Nothing has yet come close to being in SWP maxing out the DPS meters pressing 1 button and watching TV at the same time.
    doing sunwell and playing GTA4, good times
    Be feared, or be fuel

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    I think some of you are mixing, pleasure and a bit of "overpower-ism" of playing a lock with eazyness/lazyness.

    Or its all sarcasm
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    Pve: destro ulduar... best experience ever

    PvP: cata exept s9

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