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    Quote Originally Posted by Otiswhitaker View Post
    I know this, you know this, but seemingly no one else knows this. I was basically agreeing with you!
    I tend to get a bit overzealous about this Titan subject. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    1. If you go through old blue posts, and I mean from tbc ~ early wrath, there is a post saying the level cap will only go up to 100 and thats it, but nothing about the game finishing,
    Go on, try. You won't find any. Blizzard never said anything about an ultimate max level at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samakuro View Post
    You can't compare SWTOR's subscriptions with WoW's subscriptions due to the new F2P model with microtransactions, what I meant is before SWTOR went F2P its subscriptions were nowhere near 1 million. The 'new influx of players' argument makes sense for SWTOR because it was a new game and it needed a playerbase, on the otherhand WoW already has a well-established fanbase and it's generating tons of revenue, and thus it doesn't need the 'new influx of players'. (Not that it's not getting new players, there are new WoW players every expansion)
    It also makes sense for a game like WoW. Yes, some fans stick to the game, but eventually they will leave (I think it was GC who said players generally stick 2 years) so you must to attract new players, and attract old players to return. Game companies do this all the time. And companies in this business don't reward their long-time customers.

    Also: What's wrong with my responses being inside your quote? Was it not readable enough? I bolded my responses to for easier reading.
    You should put the relevant parts you are quoting (which if I remember correct you were doing) and use [QUOTE][/QUOTE] tags (case insensitive) which you certainly didn't use. Using bold may make it seem readable but it will make the next person who quotes live in a miserable quoting spaghetti. Well, unless that is your intention of course. Anyway, this goes back to the start of Internet (Usenet) where your type of quoting was also frowned upon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beefhamer View Post
    Again you miss the fact that Titan will not compete with WoW, which comes directly from Blizzard. Titan will not be what you think it is and will be more likely to be F2P.
    My statement of WoW becoming F2P the day Titan goes live actually blends in well with the two not competing. It'd support them not competing with each other. You need to understand that such statement is meant for shareholders and investors so they aren't going on that "WoW is dying" platform. The last thing you want is an Osbourne Effect. If there's one company on the planet who is very good at creating the opposite of the Osbourne Effect it is Apple. When their product is well on its way being ready (and confirmed) they leak rumors but never confirm or deny them. They don't confirm the existence until launch day or very near launch day. Blizzard is pretty good at it as well.
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    As long as money keeps going to blizz, WoW won't end...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulDok View Post
    "WoW will become free to play (!= "die") the day Titan goes live"

    I am very happy for you that you need to use pictures with text to make the most simple communication (stating "I disagree!") possible for you.

    [...] even Blizz itself said that it's going to co exist with WoW together.
    1) Which is why die is between "'s. Be honest, you didn't even notice or understand that, did you?
    2) Which isn't incompatible with the statement WoW would be free to play when Titan would go live; it'd support that theory.
    3) See above post; it is information for investors and shareholders, damage control. Not everything Blizzard writes or says is directed towards gamers, especially not the stuff from BlizzCon.
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    WoW will dwindle eventually, wheter that's in 1 year or 10 years is anyones guess.

    As others have stated, it will probably occur due to the next Activision-Blizzard MMO, perhaps they are saving their best ideas for that.... or development hell like Diablo III may occur.

    No one knows.

    I do have to say though, a lot of people are clinging onto WoW out of familiarity.

    My current guild is a shade of it's former self, most of the older members like me have left and I have only been playing again since October, and I am getting a bit bored now I seen what I can be arsed to see.

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    Doesn't runescape have a level cap of 280 or something? WoW could go just as high, obviously reducing how much xp you need to level up each expansion, so levels shouldn't be a problem. I personally hate the idea of WoW ending, I know it will one day, but I reassure myself that it could always go F2P. And Everquest has been going for 20 years! WoW is only 8 years old. Plenty of life in it yet!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    WoW will end for multiple of reasons... one being Titan, can't own 2 MMO's and have them both succeed, one or the other will leach... PvP is total trash and at this rate blizzard will lose their whole PvP community... They're not even taking risks or jumps in the MMO-RPG genre... they're playing it safe and doing the same thing over and over and their only strategy to keep you playing if you get bored is with stupid gimicks such as pet battles. WoW is dying and blizzard is aware of it... every expansion from here on out will continue to lose subs... it's been that way since cataclysm and things still haven't changed.
    Of course they can run two MMOs at once. Your WoW subscription can just become a BattleNet subscription that offers access to both Titan and WoW.

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    From Ghostcrawlers Twitter (old and new twitter)
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

    @Ghostcrawler Is it true that there is only gonna be one more expansion for WoW after MoP?
    Extremely unlikely. Keep playing and we'll keep expansioning.

    @GregTStreet Maybe I go a bit too far, but... Is this the last expansion?
    Not as long as you guys keep playing it and having fun.

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