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    PvP Crowd Control

    Has anyone seen if 5.2 is actually going to fix the frustration that especially healers have in battlegrounds where everyone takes their turn CCing you to the point you just watch your character stumble around on the screen or stand speechless? I heard Blizzard was addressing the problem but has anyone seen any evidence of it?

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    Given the reversion of the blanket silence changes and PS-clone CD, I'd say it'll be just as prevalent as ever.

    Blizz basically re-neged on their intended plans last weekend, citing that it would be "too challenging for players to have to adapt to the proposed changes".

    Best of luck.
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    This is sad because I loved being a healer for the first time in Cataclysm. Healers had an incentive to play. You really had to focus on them to kill them which was fair because they couldn't kill anyone anyway. Now, everyone gets to take a turn locking up the healer. Heck, I use Every Man for Himself and before I can get off an instant spell sometimes I am locked down again. When you are silenced you can't even use Divine Shield these days so that racial ability is wasted. The current game design really isn't any fun for PvP healers except in the rare occurrence you get into a BG against newbs. I don't know what I am going to do about it. Maybe I will just quit healing in PvP.

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    Dont you have teammates? Ask another healer for a dispel.
    they cant nerf silences without changing things like the entire holy paladin spec that can top someone off in 2 instants.

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