View Poll Results: Which Profession Do You Play?

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  • Elementalist

    30 23.08%
  • Necromancer

    16 12.31%
  • Mesmer

    28 21.54%
  • Thief

    22 16.92%
  • Ranger

    35 26.92%
  • Engineer

    23 17.69%
  • Guardian

    23 17.69%
  • Warrior

    31 23.85%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Supposedly both ranger and necromancer are under-powered in pvp, while elementalists, mesmers and to a lesser extent thieves are a bit over powered. Given that pet classes also have problems in dungeons, the question is more why is the ranger still the most popular class

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    Norn warrior, norn engi, norn elementalist, norn guardian. And they all have the same haircut.
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    Norn warrior here. Planing to change him to a human later on since the armor looks much better on humans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alteam View Post
    Norn warrior here. Planing to change him to a human later on since the armor looks much better on humans.
    Not possible, you'll have to make a new human warrior.

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    Elementalist is my only 80 so far. Have alts of all the other professions except warrior. Guardian will be the next one to level 80 and seriously considering making that one my main.
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    Asura guardian and norn mesmer.
    Also made a thief, but I don't play him that much anymore, so I didn't count him.
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    Norn Guardian is my main, but I also plan on playing Necromancer... I am still new to this game, my main is still only level 20, but I love this game.

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    Elementalist, Necromancer and Mesmer. I've played alot of all three, and I have to say even though others might think differently that Necro is better than the other two, pvp wise. I still played most Mesmer just because it's so incredibly fun. Elementalist is also really fun, however I always feel way too squishy playing it.

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    My main is a mesmer, and I got a warrior and elementalist with full magic find exotics as my farming alts. When I get bored with one I switch to the other Thinking about leveling a guardian now.

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    Norn Warrior, but I just recently started and I'm just 50 at the moment.

    After that, a thief as second and a ranged character as the third.

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    Main was a Thief, but i also had a Human Guardian at 80 and when i last played i was working on my Elementalist. Ele is a weird choice for me since i usually go for the melee classes, but Dagger/Dagger Ele was too awesome to pass up.

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    Surprised to see Thief as one of the lowest played.

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    I main a Charr Thief =)

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