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    Idea to change up weapon stats.

    Howdy peeps,

    I had a thought recently, we were talking in guild about if by some crazy chance they'd add a 4th spec to all classes and what would need to be added to the game to allow certain classes to peform a different role/dps type. And some ideas that came up were you could have a range gun wielding warrior and even a dual pistol rogue, but the main issue with some of the ideas that came up were you would need to introduce a very specific weapon for the particular spec. For example, the range warrior would need a strength gun, which haven't been in the game for a while, especially since the removal of the range/relic slot. And this is what led me to my idea:

    Removal of primary stats of weapons excluding maybe stamina.

    So basically a weapon would looks as follows:

    [Weapon Name]
    10,000-20,000 damage
    1500 Stamina
    1000 Haste
    1000 Crit
    1000 Mastery

    What would this achieve? Well now a lot more weapons in game open up to a lot more classes. Sick of chasing that one particular weapon that drops off that annoying 2nd last boss of the raid? Then this will open up your chances to a more diverse spread of weapons to the point that nearly anyone could use any weapons. Obviously you would still need to adhere to the weapons your particular class could use but allow for a bit more diveresity. So yeah, that's my idea, might not be the greatest but let me know what you think.


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    Yeah, that would make it so anyone could use almost any weapon, it's true. I just don't see how that's desirable.

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    The ranged warrior premise reminds me of Phantasy Star Online; the best weapons that a HUmar (essentially a human warrior) could use was dual-wielding machine pistols. The cool thing about it was that the pistols unleashed a special based on how much Meseta (currency) you had, so you could unleash huge waves of burst. If they implemented something like that into WoW it could be a lot of fun.

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    So basically once you get a set of weapons from that tier, you're pretty much done. All other weapon loot is essentially meaningless once you get an ilvl X weapon from any boss.

    Blizzard's stance is that weapons are supposed to be highly desirable that people work hard to obtain. Your change would basically make all weapons the same. Once a player has obtained a set, he pretty much loses all interest in weapons. Its pretty obvious why the proposed change is undesirable.

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    there have been weapons like this back in vanilla/bc where all they had was attack power and stam on them. They worked well for both hunters and wars/rets

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    Weapons would still drop of late bosses and the more people rolling for them would still make them difficult to acquire. But it would help for those times where you're chasing one specific weapon in a raid tier that never drops due to the dreaded RNG.

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