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    In another thread Endus just pointed out something important about that
    Thats very useful info, didn't see the other thread sorry!
    Btw i am English

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    As long as they are within our borders, where we can defend them, they have our rights. Simple.
    It's called an 'international incident' and has previously led to conflict between countries, including wars. If the US has any sort of diplomatic agreement with the country that a person is from, you can bet your ass they will deport that person back to their home country in an instant before they will risk losing that diplomacy, especially in the event of a crime.

    So automatics and semi automatics will make the government agree with you? I don't know how things play out in your head, but I seriously hope it never becomes a reality. Taking up arms against a Government in this day and age will make you a terrorist, and if you think a show of force is the way to make the Government do anything, then you're simply delusional. If the government *really* wanted to wage war against the civilian population, your semi automatics and skill with firearms will do nothing against tanks or carpet bombing.

    As for protection from invasion... Who's going to *invade* your country? If any country is going to start a war with the US it will be Nuclear war, case closed. This isn't the 1800's any more where all battles were fought on land, on foot.
    If a country invades the US, the government isn't just going to launch nukes and then be done with it. In fact, no country has used nuclear arms against another country since WWII, and the US is the first, last, and only country to ever use nukes in a war. Since then, we've been involved in many conflicts, and have NOT used a nuclear device.

    Also, how do you think America was established? We setup shop here in the US, and went to war against England to fight for our freedom. The people of America got tired of an oppressive government, so they established their own and did so by being armed. I'm not saying it's going to happen again, but if it NEEDs to happen, how can it if we are disarmed? Your mistake is assuming that life in the US will be all sunshine and butterflies for the rest of humanities existence and that will never change.

    This is why we have rules. Just because you're in America, it doesn't automatically entitle you to the same rights as Americans, especially when you're legally the citizen of another country.

    When has that ever meaningfully happened? It seems to be countries WITH weapons tend to elect in dictators and cause problems because of their violent mindset, not the other way around. If the citizenry aren't armed (and that includes the police,) what power does the government have over the people to such a drastic scale that the people would allow it?
    Hitler, Stalin, Mao. Every single one disarmed their people once they rose to power, and then the people had no recourse to tyranny. I'm not saying America is headed for a dictatorship, but taking guns off the table for citizens opens us up for that sort of a future, if anyone ever went that route. Citizens having guns is what keeps America a free country.

    I think you should study some history books, since you obviously don't understand what could potentially happen if a people don't have the means to defend themselves.
    Why are american people convinced that they're going to be invaded, or their government is going to enslave them? That's what's sad.. The entire gun culture in america seems to be built on paranoia and the wicked sense that having a gun makes you stronger.

    And what do you mean by having a "major disgreement" and "convincing your government"? Are you saying that if you disagree with your government the solution is to shoot them or threaten them?

    Pure and simple, the British people don't need guns. We don't want guns. We aren't paranoid about being invaded by some random country and we aren't concerned about the "establishment" taking over our lives... The reason gun crime in the UK is so low compared to america isn't just due to laws - it's because of the difference in attitudes.

    And if someone were that paranoid it's quite easy to apply for a shotgun or general firearm license in the UK.
    No one is convinced of that. But we do live in the real world where things to happen. You remember 9/11? Yeah I bet no one in those towers ever thought they'd be the victim of an attack on US soil. Pearl Harbor? Same thing. Until the entire world has established a lasting peace, it's silly to assume that you will never need to protect yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    Why are american people convinced that they're going to be invaded, or their government is going to enslave them? That's what's sad.. The entire gun culture in america seems to be built on paranoia and the wicked sense that having a gun makes you stronger.

    im not from the US, and im also not against gun ownership for Americans, but i agree with this. i feel kind of sorry for the people that think they're government is going to try something like that.

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    ive not read this whole thread, but i expect this was planned by piers to amke him look better. get a total lunatic on the show to shout like a mad man for 20mins makes piers look better. this alex guy is really just hurting the whole pro-gun side of the argument. anybody pro gun should really try and distance themselves from that man.
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