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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    It's not easy to adapt helm models to fit on 2 heads :P
    wouldn't you be able to wear two helmet's that way ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCrusader View Post
    wouldn't you be able to wear two helmet's that way ?
    2x Meta gem ... faaaaar too uber ^^
    I can already see the forums.. "Nerf ogre helms!" LOL

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    I don't care if they look exactly like bloodelves I don't see how it would hurt the game.

    I am all for the removal of racial ties within the game for several races but not all
    Orc/Undead = horde only
    Human/Worgen = alliance only
    Everything else = you choose which side to fight for.

    Then again if Blizzard ever decided to reboot the franchise I would hope that they would make paladins alliance only again but instead of making shaman horde only that they would instead make deathknights horde only as it makes much more sense.
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    No, we already have the elves covered for both sides.

    Also the High Elves are pretty much extinct as a race on the whole, certainly not enough of them to justify the population explosion that would result in making them playable.

    With Cata Quel'lithen lodge went Wretched, Quel'Danil lodge while surviving is under forsaken attack. Theramore is destroyed, leaving only Dalaran and a few individuals serving in Outland.

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    I think they'll get some focus in the upcoming Silvermoon vs. Kirin Tor storyline. Can't see them becoming playable, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkedblade View Post
    Play the Blood Elf start area. If it's in game then it is canon.
    Wrong. Onyxia is in the game, but she's been dead for a long time.
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    Blizzard are always talking about how difficult it is to make new races, due to the amount of art and tweaking it requires to get gear working right. Surely High Elves would be an opportunity for them to add a race with almost no extra effort on their part? Change blood elf eyes from green to blue, record some dialogue, change faction to alliance, done. While they're at it, they can add the aforementioned Mag'Har and Taunka etc reskins to the game too...

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    Wouldn't it be a lot like the worgen's human model? It's adequately distinctive from the usual stormwind humans. High elves would also be justified in having new animations and dances etc.

    Personally, I wouldn't like it at all if they added high elves. I like that WoW has been moving away from the traditional Tolkien fantasy (don't get me wrong, I'm one of the biggest tolkien fans ever). I'm glad that the only elves we get are the night elves (which are more like amazons than traditional elves) and blood elves.

    The blood elves are a twist on the traditional one, and you can see that in the BC opening cinematic where the female belf caresses a mana wyrm then absorbs it and gives an evil grin. THAT is playing with audience expectations. It is a good thing.

    Add more high elves in game maybe, but I hope we don't get them as a race. That's not because they'll be almost the same as the blood elves, it's for lore. I'd rather Naga (updated model though) than high elves. Not saying that's the best choice but it's as close to high elves as I'd accept.

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    I really dont care.

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    I want one, Just so I can have the Aesthetics of a Blood Elf, without having to deal with the Retardation of the Horde.

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    I'd love a High Elf Warlock
    Quote Originally Posted by Crym View Post
    Spoiler: The reason Garrosh is defeated is because, just when he's being attacked, Malchezaar pops out of a portal, yells "yoink!", and takes his weapon away.

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    This is the most important.

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    bloodelf = high elf (only difference: eye color)

    yes, yes. i know the lore is different too.. *snore*

    blizzard should work on more interesting, potentially playable races like ogres and naga. maybe add high elves later when there is nothing else to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linkedblade View Post
    The point is the Alliance betrayed them on the battlefield and never looked back. And then they go and start using espionage and invading? Really? Is that what friendly nations do?
    You're mixing up the blood-elves and the high elves
    The second the blood-elves followed Kael'thas the high-elves rejected them.
    Blood elves are therefore not in alliance with the night-elves in any way shape or form before the events of the blood-elf starting area

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    I think they should just add a bunch of different sub-race options when you make a character, but those sub-races have identical racial skills to their "original" race with different names and also different starting zones.

    For example on Alliance side:
    -Want to make an elf: Pick either a Night Elf or High Elf: Night Elf starts in same starting zone as always, High Elf starts in the human starting zone. Both races have the same racials, but the High Elf variant has different names for them in the same way that Blood lust has a name change on Alliance shaman classes. Seeing as we have pandas on both sides with no difference in appearance I highly doubt giving a Blood Elf like race to the Alliance side would cause much confusion in things like PvP.

    For sub-races who would have a starting zone that may not make sense in the original context of whats in the game already, say like you could choose one of the still loyal Forest trolls as a sub-race for trolls, you would have a few quests where you start out in Revantusk village that would send you on a boat to join up with your Darkspear allies in Durotar and begin the rest of your starter quests there. Say you want to make a taunka sub-race for tauren: start out in Borean Tundra, have a quest that takes you to Warsong Hold and take the zeppelin to Durotar and do the starter quests with the orcs and trolls.

    That to me would be Blizzards easiest way of implementing sub-races with minimum effort.

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    Even if they're an iconic alliance race, I'd rather have something new, not the Horde blood elves with blue eyes for the alliance. Because don't fool yourselves, there won't be other differences besides blue eyes and some slightly different colours of hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verain View Post
    Oh, it's totally biased. OP is some hordie apologist. As if implementing high elves would cost the game "races".
    This poll is biased anyway, seeing as there are 2 options for no but only 1 for yes.
    There are 2 options because they are different. In the end if 1 new race were to be an option, the above is a fair sight to see how many people who want a new race want high elves. If you include people who don't want a new race as not wanting high elves you will push your own stat down lower by reason of being vague.

    the only possible bias is it doesn't compare to other races, but then it should also be multichoice and would need A LOT of options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verain View Post
    Um, high elves don't have fucking blood elf racials. THEY aren't addicted to goddamned magic.

    Also, horde already have an alliance race, pandaren. Not even a reskin or recolor!
    "Alliance race" my aren't we full of ourselves atm...
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    I'd personally rather have a brand new race. I'm not too keen on high elf lore, and while I do love the idea of having my elf with blue eyes, the only real reason I'd be glad to see high elves is that I want the blood elf model to be updated. I love how much better pandaren look than the other races right now and I can't wait for model updates on other races.

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    No more elves. That said though, Naga....

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