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    No Spell Haste Buff - Resto Druid

    Our current raid comp does not have someone that can provide the 5% haste buff which is only temporary until some of our current raiders have their alt toons geared and ready to join the team.

    My question is do you think it's worth the mastery loss to convert to the 12.52% haste that is needed? I have been raiding without fixing my haste % since we lost the buff for our team. I reforged to the cap tonight and I am going to see how it goes this week with the loss of some of my mastery for our HoF progression.

    Here is a log of our Garalon normal 10 man kill from the other night (no spell haste buff and I hadn't gone to the haste cap yet) -


    I am one of the Pheromone kiters so my heals are not as high as they could be.

    Here is my current Armory with the change to my haste that I just did (I know my legs are boomkin tier which I was before and the best legs I have at the moment). My spirit might be a little high and I don't have too many issues with mana so I might be able to convert some of my spirit to mastery but not sure I have enough to make a difference.


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    I think that you should keep the haste u have and convert some of your spirit into mastery, yes it will make a difference. I would say go down to around 7.5-8k spirit that should be more than enough and yes the mastery will make a difference.

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    Well it depends, to go from 3043 to 5320 costs you 2277. Assuming that you take it all from mastery, that's a loss of 4.74% increased healing to all your heals. (some of which gets eaten by overhealing)

    The gain is you go from 4 ticks to 5 ticks (a 25% increase) on your healing from Rejuv (and the Tranq hot). Some of that will also be lost to overhealing but lets ignore that for now for simplicities sake.

    If Rejuv is making up say at least 20% of your total effective healing, the gain from the increase rejuv output will outweigh the loss in mastery output. If rejuv makes up more, you gain more, if it makes up less, then sticking with mastery is likely the best. (To account for overhealing, lets say at least 25% from rejuv)

    Ideally get that 5% haste buff - no hunters in your raid either? (Sporebat is the best pet)

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