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    how to mark target and set focus with one macro?

    Is there any macro I can use to both set focus and mark a target with triangle? I find marking and setting focus to my add on HC Windlord to be kind of disrupting... would be nice to be able to just target and hit one button.

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    Make a macro with the following:
    Use an ability you want in the first line or just leave the macro like this for marking

    Personally I use Faerie Fire as the first line for my Guardian Druid

    /run SetRaidTarget("target", #)

    # 1-8
    1 - Star
    2 - Circle
    3 - Diamond
    4 - Triangle
    5 - Moon
    6 - Square
    7 - X
    8 - Skull

    Mine looks like

    /cast Faerie Fire
    /run SetRaidTarget("target", 8)
    /p Kill %T

    This hits it with the spell, puts skull on it and tell the group what im hitting...usually only have the last line in pugs.
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