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    Elvui problem with spell duration

    hi guys , since the last elvui i encountered an issue with my consecration ( paladin ) and ox statue ( monk ) duration

    problem i have is in the red zone ( bottom left )


    my consecration duration is in a weird spot to say the least, and it wasn't that way before and i haven't changed anything ( im a UI noob as it is )

    i even believed before it was a bar that ran down above my player frame , but i cant figure out the setting for it
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    Pretty sure that's always been in the "totem" bar since mop. When blizz took out the reason for a real totem bar o think ElvUI started using it for some things.
    /ec -> general -> scroll all the way down you'll see "Totem Bar" and either just uncheck "enable" or play around with it's very little settings. and position it where you like via toggle anchors.

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