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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    Bit off track but could somebody please clarify what CD's dps monks have for soaking, if any?

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    Starting on this fight today in efforts to kill the boss before 5.2, and didn't want to create a new thread for this, but I'd love some pointers.

    Here's our comp:
    Holy Paladin (Can Ret/Prot)
    Resto Druid

    Disc Priest (Will be playing Shadow for this)
    Ret Paladin
    WW Monk

    Prot Warrior
    Blood DK

    Seems like we have a pretty good comp for this, but I'm not totally clear on the soak rotation. The DPS that will most likely have to sit is the Ret Paladin, correct? Who should we have tanking Strengths?

    Also our Prot Warrior might not be able to make one of the raids this week. Our Holy Paladin is our next best geared tank, healing would be switched to Disc/Resto, and the other Ret Paladin would be brought in. Is that comp adequate as well?

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    Have Rogue + Hunter do all the soaks. Fight is easy-mode with your comp.

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    When my guild did this, we used a Rogue (me) to soak them with Feint. We cc'ed 1 rage and killed the other, and went on to the cc'ed one. In that order, you'll kill the last rage the same time, 2 new will spawn. It was not that hard to make it work.
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    We had our rogue soaking most and him doing the courage, while the rogue is on the courage have the hunter soak which would be the 2nd set of rages and probably the first strength by one of your other dps.

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    We wiped around 25 times because we didn't have enough soaks in our raidgroup, which meant we had to actually KILL most sparks to be able to cope with them.

    Then I got a friend DK in (every melee will work) to solo the Strengths and I went on my rogue. And we literally 1 shot it the day after our first tries.

    Rogues in 10-man makes this fight a total, total easy-mode encounter. I soaked all Rages and Strengths Sparks, and left the courages to our Spriest / Hunter.

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    Mages used to be able to bling away before the spark impact lands. I guess going like this requires some really good timing though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darayn View Post
    Got done with our first night of work on Heroic Will of the Emperor, and still having trouble understanding how we can soak with our comp.

    - Brewmaster
    - Paladin


    - Resto Shaman
    - Disc Priest

    - Frost DK
    - Warlock
    - Mage
    - Hunter
    - Boomkin
    - Enh Shaman
    I haven't checked your soaking list, but should you just be able to have the lock on courages, dk on strs, hunter taking every second rage set (crouching tiger, hidden chimera) and the moonkin taking one of those between with barkskin+might of ursoc+ams/unending resolve (just ams would probably be enough with a disc shielding, but if not pick up unending instead) and the other by the mage with greater invis. There's very few comps that actually can't get enough soakers (you'd basically have to lack a dk, a rogue, a hunter and a mage).

    With this you have the enh shaman (astral shift+shamanistic rage), the mages ice block (and even blink if he's feeling like a boss), possibly barkskin+ams (is enough to soak one) from the moonkin (depending on what you chose to symbiosis), hunters readiness and possibly even the disc with ps (I'd rather use that on the tanks though) as back ups.

    You also have the option of speccing your dk blood with full stamina gems, makes him able to soak almost everything (and gets the courages to focus him).

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    We killed it in about 16 attempts today, good soakers seem to make all the difference.

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    We just killed it Monday night. What we did for soaking was.

    Myself (brewmaster) - first set of rages
    DK Tank - second set of rages
    Frost Dk - strengths soaking

    That's all I remember lol. I was to busy enjoying the dance.

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